Grave Consequences

A MCS Blogs 1“I shall write this now, while I still can, until the very end of my life, peering forward into those final moments when I shall no longer be able to write.” ~ Wilkie Collins, Drood

Did you know there is a place full of great wealth? In that place are thousands of ideas for stories, marketing, and opportunities. Many authors have traveled to this place with their dreams, bringing with them all of their talents and gifts.

This place is called the cemetery.

I’m going to tell you something that should stick with you the rest of your life. “Never take one story, one marketing idea, or one opportunity with you to the grave.”

Many dreams are buried after an author believes there’s no way to succeed. Time on earth slips away and eventually the gift of being an author is buried in a cemetery with others who had gifts, talents, and dreams.

What a shame it would be if no one read your books. What a shame it would be if you didn’t try that new marketing idea that has been formulating in your mind. What a shame it would be if you let success slip away because you didn’t have the confidence to move forward.

“You are the author. You write the story. The pen is in your hand and the outcome is whatever you choose.” ~ Lisa Nichols

Make a vow to yourself right now that not one story will travel with you to the grave. All of your ideas will be attempted while you are here on earth. All of your efforts, strength, and passion will be used while you are alive and writing stories.

You were born to be an author…

Ron Knight

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