Finding Your Target Audience

up-blog-2The quick way to locate your target audience is to think about one reader who will buy your book. Don’t focus on thousands of readers, just that one person who comes into your mind.

Ask this question based on your one reader:

  • What is there biggest problem in the world and how can I solve that problem with my book(s)?


If you’re able to answer that question, then it’s the difference between selling 5 books and selling 500,000 books.

More questions about your reader.

  • What can I say to my reader in order to help him/her?
  • How will I say it? (Email? Postcard? Social Media? Blog?)
  • How will I contact my reader?

The more you think about your one reader, the better your marketing will become.

For example, if your reader is a single woman between the age of 35-45, divorced, visits nightclubs with friends on Friday nights, goes to Starbucks on Saturdays, runs in the park on Sundays, works at dead-end job during the week, and your book is the answer to her romantic dreams, then you’re ready for a mass marketing campaign.

Now locate 10 more readers who are similar to your one reader.

Next, locate more until you reach 100. Make those readers happy by solving a problem with your books.

More readers will flow in!

Ron Knight

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