Finding Readers Using Facebook

What is your best approach to attract readers via Facebook? The answer to that question is already wrong, because the question is wrong. What you should ask yourself is, “What do readers think is the best approach to buy from an author on Facebook?”

Let’s compare what authors are doing to attract readers and what readers actually want from authors:

Wall Posts

~ 57% of authors will use daily wall posts to attract readers.

~ 18% of readers believe that wall posts are effective.

Direct Messages

~ 20% of authors will use direct messages to attract readers.

~ 18% of readers believe that direct messages are effective.

Special Offers/Discounts

~ 10% of authors will use special offers and/or discounts to attract readers.

~ 37% of readers believe that special offers and/or discounts are effective.


~ 7% of authors will use testimonials to attract readers.

~ Less than 3% of readers believe that testimonials are effective.


~ 9% of readers respond favorably to authors clicking “Like” on their posts. (6% of authors click “Like” on a reader’s posts.)

~ 6% of readers respond favorably to author advertisements on Facebook. (2% of authors use advertisements on Facebook.)

~ 5% of readers respond favorably to author surveys/polls. (2% of authors use surveys/polls.)

What this information discloses is that 77% of authors spend a great amount of their social media marketing on wall posts and direct messages. However, the bulk of readers are purchasing books based on special offers and/or discounts.

Your time, and the time of your target reader is valuable. Use that time wisely…

Ron Knight

Ron Knight

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  1. erin o'quinn says:

    Great, Ron! I’m gonna promo this in my authors’ groups.

    I think a few eyes might open wide at some of these stats. I know I’m surprised and admittedly chagrined. My pub doesn’t allow discounts, and I can’t afford too many giveaways. But after reading this, I think I’ll find a way to cough up some free copies.

    The other points are also well taken. Thanks for sharing your research.