Fiction Challenge

UP Authors Fiction Challenge

We are looking for entertaining fiction stories. It does not matter what genre or age group you write for. We want to see what you have, then reward you for your talent and efforts.


All fiction authors are eligible, including short stories over 10,000 words. We are looking for that hidden gem. It could be a traditional or self-published book that has not received enough attention. Or an unpublished manuscript that we can help promote. UP Authors wants to be part of your success story!


First Place: $1,000

Second Place: $500

Third Place: $250

Fourth Place: $100

Fifth Place: $75

Sixth Place: $50

Seventh Place: $25

~ All winners will receive a JPEG Award Seal to post on their website, social media, or in their book!

~ All winners will be announced in a press release, which will be posted in all UP Authors news feeds and media outlets!

~ Top winners will be interviewed, which will also be posted on UP Authors news feeds and media outlets!

~ All winners will receive a testimony from UP Authors to help build their fan base and book sales.

~ Top winners will be promoted on the UP Authors website banner for a year!

Bonus: If you promote the contest using social media, we will promote you! Send us an email, and label the email: PROMOTED! In the body of the email let us know when you promoted the contest and which website or link we can promote for you!


~ Please send the following in the body of your email: Your (author) name, website or link to books, contact information, and title of book.

~ If you were invited by your writers networking group or publisher to enter the contest, please mention that in your email and you will automatically be promoted to our 10,000 connections.

~ You can submit as many books as you want, but you must submit separately.

~ Label your email FICTION CHALLENGE and send cover letter to

~ You may submit your book three different ways:

  • Mail your printed book to the UP Authors office.
  • Email your book to UP Authors in an attachment. (Can be WORD, or PDF.)
  • Provide a free code to read your eBook.

~ We hire a staff to read submissions, so UP Authors does have to charge of small entry fee of $10.00. You may use our secure PayPal on the contest page, or send a check made payable to UP Authors:

UP Authors

3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road

Sarasota,FL 34234

How do we go over so many submissions?

Step One: A staff member will read five pages. If hooked, then…

Step Two: The staff member will read thirty pages. If still hooked, then…

Step Three: The staff member will read eighty pages. If still hooked, then…

Step Four: The staff member will read the entire manuscript.

Also, Ron Knight, Chairman of the UP Authors Fiction Challenge, will scan over all entries to make sure an author has every fair chance to win. No books can be rejected, or advanced without his approval.

Important Dates

~ Entries will be accepted from February 1st, 2013 to April 26th, 2013.

~ Finalists will be announced in June of 2013. (Date is dependent on the amount of entries submitted. We will keep you updated.)

~ Winners will be announced in July of 2013.

Questions? Email us at

Chairman of the UP Authors Fiction Challenge: Ron Knight. Email him at

* UP Authors Fiction Contest must have a minimum of 200 submissions, or we have the right to return the $10 entry fee to the author and cancel the contest. We are announcing the contest to over 25,000 authors, so we do not foresee having that problem.