Exchange This for That!

UniqueIt’s amazing to think that little changes in your approach to your author career can be just what you need. Try this for 90 days and propel to the next level!

Exchange This for That!

Most authors spend over 7 hours a day in front of the computer, cell phone, and television. Brian Tracey states, “Your television set can make you rich or poor. If you watch it all the time, it will make you poor.”

Being in front of a screen lowers your levels of energy and self-esteem. Authors need an abundance of both!

Your television can make you rich, but only if you’re replacing it with something useful.

Studies have shown, “If you read in your field one hour per day, it will make you a national authority in three to five years.”

Yes, exchanging 1 hour of television for 1 hour of reading will make you one of the top authors in the world, just three to five years away.

As a bonus, if you read just 6 minutes, it reduces stress levels by 68%! (Source: Neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis)

Note: While reading, make sure to keep a notebook and jot ideas for both writing and marketing.

Exchange This for That!

Most authors spend about 500-1,000 hours in the car. Instead of listening to music, turn your car into a “University on Wheels.” (No Excuses, by Brian Tracy)

It’s proven if you make this small adjustment of listening to marketing CD’s and CD’s in your chosen genre, you’ll have the equivalent of two full-time university semesters as you drive.

Exchange This for That!

Benjamin Tregoe, author of The Rational Manager, says this, “The very worst use of time is to do very well, what need not be done at all.”

If you’re stuck, then it’s like running full speed in mud, rather than walking at a brisk pace along a gorgeous path.

The reason authors tend to slip away is because about 70% of the decisions made will be wrong. If you’re just starting out as an author, then 90% of your decisions will be wrong.

This is like running in mud.

Exchange your frustrations for gaining more wisdom. This goes back to reading and listening to audio books, even if it’s just 9 Minutes a Day!

Most of this blog was written based on the wisdom of four different books. Can you imagine if you’re gaining this kind of knowledge every day, on multiple levels?

As stated, it’s like becoming a national authority in publishing, mixed with full-time university semesters in writing and marketing, and a stress reliever all balled up into one success plan…

Ron Knight

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