Comparing Readers in Different Cities

MCS BLOG 5Let’s focus on one city that has millions of YOUR readers. Here are the deciding factors:

~ The city has a large population of readers that enjoy your type of storylines and characters. These cities are researched based on average age, social trends, behaviors, and ethnicity.

~ The city has a high education rate. Research has shown that well-educated people will purchase 24% more books and read 20-25 new books each year.

~ The city has a mid-high income level. Research has shown that families who earn a high income purchase 17% more books than families with low income.

Do you write romantic books for singles? Boston and Miami rank as two of the highest population for singles. But which city would you sell more books, Boston or Miami?

Let’s compare them.


Average Age: 30

Average Income: $53,000

Education Rate: 84%


Average Age: 39 (Boston: 30)

Average Income: $29,000 (Boston: $53,000)

Education Rate: 69% (Boston: 84%)

Boston has a younger population compared to Miami with singles that earn more money and read more books.

If you have a book that has a “business theme,” or the main character is a “business leader,” then you will have a great chance to sell books in Dallas and San Diego. But which is better?


~ 121,276 business owners.

~ Education rate is 73.8%.

~ Average income is $42,436.

~ Poverty level is 23.6%.

San Diego

~ 130,515 business owners. (Dallas: 121,276)

~ Education rate is 86.6%. (Dallas: 73.8%)

~ Average income is $63,990. (Dallas: $42,436)

~ Poverty level is 15.4%. (Dallas: 23.6%)

Based on business owners, education, income levels, and poverty levels, San Diego is your best opportunity to market and sell books with a business theme.

Let’s say you wrote a thriller based on a violent crime. Two cities that would be interested in your novel are Baltimore and Tulsa. But which will you have the best chance to market and sell books?


Average Age: 34

Average Income: $41,000

Education Rate: 80%


Average Age: 34

Average Income: $41,000

Education Rate: 87%

Both of these cities have readers interested in crime novels, both have the same average age and incomes, but Tulsa has a 7% higher education rate.

So where should you spend your marketing dollars? Tulsa.

Remember your successful cities have:

~ Your ideal readers.

~ Population with high education rates.

~ Population with high-income levels.

Choose 5 cities each month based on those three factors and watch your book sales grow!

“Remember that readers are counting on you to succeed.” ~ Ron Knight

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