Changing How Readers View Books

If you are the person responsible for changing the way readers view books, then you will control the industry. Does that sound like a pipe dream? Does it seem a bit unrealistic? Then this blog is probably not for you.

However, if you are an author that wants to take control of your target audience and capture their emotions, then read on…

Find an answer to these six questions.

~ What are some current problems with books?

There are different ways you can answer this question. You can focus on how books are being sold, the category of age groups, genres, or how books are written. Is there something about books that you would love to change for the better? If so, then move onto the next question…

~ Specifically, how can you solve the problem?

Now that you have chosen a certain problem with books, how do you plan to solve that problem? What ideas do you have that are unique? How will your own books begin to solve that problem and become part of the solution? Convey that to your target audience.

~ What trend can you set that will benefit readers?

If you are a trendsetter, then you are a millionaire. Do not limit your thinking, or say that trends are for Fortune 500 companies with influential marketing programs. You believe in yourself and your books. No one on this planet can write like you. All that adds up to you being a trendsetter. Talk about those trends in your blogs and social media posts. Hammer your points until the world starts to look in your direction.

~ In the future, what will every reader need and how will you fulfill that need before anyone else?

I always say that authors should write books that readers want five years from now. That will put you first in the market. Whoever is first, controls the industry.

~ What new ancillary products could readers use that are not on the market?

Do not think just technical, because everyone is looking for the next digital idea. In your head, go over the steps of what a reader does to search for a book, buy a book, read a book in a certain place or many places, then finish the book, and do something with that book. Now think about that again. And again. There is an idea in there that is so unique and wonderful, only you can come up with it. (Hurry, because the world needs that idea!)

~ What are readers being told by the media and publishing industry, which is simply not true?

There are certain things authors, publishers, and industry-marketing agencies convey to customers, simply to get them to purchase their products. You are an author and in the loop. You are knowledgeable. Convey your own wisdom to your readers. (Do not go on a rant, or post BEWARE signs on your website.) For example, you read a blog done by a publisher that focuses on horror novels. “Romance books are fading away.” If you write romance novels, then you need to stick up for yourself, and your readers. But do this professionally. “Ten Reasons Romance Novels Are Still Hot.”

Understand problems, solve problems, set trends, fulfill future needs, create compelling ancillary products, and stick up for yourself and your readers. That is the way you control the industry, and your career…

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  1. It’s funny how this questionnaire itself reflects what’s wrong with books. Genres, target audiences, fitting into or creating a new trend, writing for the market, the supposed needs of an amorphous mass of readers, and even coming up with new products that can be marketed, controlling the industry. Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote for an audience of one, would have laughed his head of. Control of language, narrative, imagery, dialogue, rhythm, and above all a writer’s honesty, truth to himself or herself, that’s what’s right with books.

  2. Ron Knight says:

    Violetta: Awesome points made here. Thank you for taking the time.