Rise UP Authors: Use Words for Greatness

Think about how important your words are as an author. You have amazing influence over many lives. As you build a career in writing, there will come a point when you have influence over millions of lives! Sure, you have to be responsible with your words, but keep in mind that everything you say and write will determine the path of your career. You cannot settle for your best. You must do God’s best as well. And to accomplish that, you must … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Feel Good About Yourself

As an author, you have made plenty of mistakes. The hard truth is that everything you did wrong was based on the decisions that you made. The good news is that every decision that you make in the future, is UP to you! Everyday you are going to struggle. On the other hand, everyday you are going to succeed. How do I know? Because, you are an author. Let me say that again. “You are an author!” Remember that God approves of you. No matter … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Listen to the Right Voices

For authors, voices in the head seem much clearer. Your imagination can take you in a direction where the only voice you hear is the one reminding you of failures. “You do not have enough talent to be an author.” “Others are succeeding, but you will fail.” “Spend more time with your family. Spend more time with your writing. Spend more time doing something else.” “Traditional publishing doesn’t work. Self-publishing doesn’t work. … [Read more...]