12 Month Author Marketing Plan (Excerpt)

(Excerpt from 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.) Author Marketing Plan: Month 2 Monthly Overview: Postcards, movie theaters, serialization, and bringing your characters to life! Tip of the Month: When selling books, it’s all about changing your mindset and becoming responsible over your author career. You have choices every minute of the day. What you do with those choices are up to you, which means you have the power over your future … [Read more...]

Book Marketing: Reality & Fiction

John Hayes of Carnegie Mellon did a study on why certain writers of classical music became successful and why others failed. ~ Talented writers that failed had worked extremely hard, but worked on the wrong things. ~ Talented writers transformed into mediocre writers when their work ethic was to do things the most pleasant way. The writers preferred the easier path with the least amount of effort, least amount of time, and least amount of … [Read more...]

13 Facts to Sell More Books

If you know exactly what readers are doing and what they want most in the world, then you have an advantage over authors that really don’t pay attention. Use these statistics for your marketing and your future writing projects. When do readers purchase books? ~ Readers purchase books more in the first half of the year, compared to the second half. (Source: Adult Book Trends Update) Most authors believe that books are bought during the … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Author Marketing Campaign

There are four things to consider before you start a marketing plan. Don’t brush these items off. Everything you read here is based on statistics and putting you in the best position to succeed. First: You might need help. If you need assistance with anything in a marketing plan such as printed marketing materials, better website, or anything you may have trouble doing yourself, then consider investing some money with a professional … [Read more...]

Marketing Advice for Authors

Before you begin, decide on four things: First: Decide that you want to become an author who will be ranked in the top 20% of your genre. Second: Decide that you will invest at least 3% of your income each month into your marketing plan and improving as an author. Third: Decide that you will read at least 9 minutes a day. You will read books that are in the same genre you write, along with business books of all types, biographies of … [Read more...]