A Couple of Great Ideas to Sell More Books

Idea One: Increase your chances of getting into a bookstore by sending the owner or manager a quick video showing the benefit of your books and how you understand their target audience. You’ll be the only author that does that, which will give you a huge advantage. Idea Two: Write everything you have on a whiteboard. This includes the title of all your books that are published, books that are sitting in your lap top, products that you have to … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Sell Books

Marketing experts tell you to get a website, then you will sell lots of books. So you invest in a website, make it as special as possible, then release it to the world. What happens? Nothing. Then you’re told to start blogging three times a week, use search engine optimization, which will drive traffic to your website, then eventually sell books. So instead of writing books, you’re writing blogs. You wait for book sales, … [Read more...]

1 Idea to Sell Thousands of Books

Most schools in your targeted areas have sports, choir, band, dance, and other activities. A $25 investment to advertise in their next handout or newsletter could get your books promoted to thousands of parents and students. Most of the time you see advertisements for local businesses, but never do you see any authors. Different = Unique, resulting in Wealth. 12 Month Author Marketing Plan provides a step-by-step solution for a marketing … [Read more...]

AUTHORS: Where is your money spent?

K.M. Weiland asked authors where they spend the most amount of money. Here are some of the more popular answers: “Reading fiction and non-fiction books.” “Publishing.” “Classes/Training/Schooling” “Publishing/Writing magazines.” “Writing supplies/laptop.” “Writing software/writing apps.” “Travel.” I was extremely happy to see that “reading” was the most popular answer. If you don’t read good books, bad books, fiction … [Read more...]

Statistics = Roadmap to Author Success

Statistic: 23% of readers visit an author’s website and only 18% have visited the publisher’s website. This means that readers absolutely care about the person writing the book more than the company who published the book. Lesson: Remember that authors write the books, so authors control the publishing industry. Statistic: A survey of 1,000 New Yorker’s done by American Express found that 42% of people would rather spend New Year’s Eve … [Read more...]