Author Horoscope: Leo

If you're an author born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you have an abundance of self-assurance, affection, and optimism with your writing. In fact, most authors struggle to come up with characters as fascinating as you write them. The author spotlight is important to you, along with becoming bigger than any other author on the planet. You thrive on improving all aspects of being an author, which includes reading, writing, mechanics, … [Read more...]

Author Horoscope: Sagittarius

If you are an author with a birthday between November 23rd and December 22nd, you are confident, adventurous, and straightforward with your writing. All this makes you the perfect author since you explore what others may avoid. You love creating new characters that have enthusiasm for traveling and are searching for the true meaning of life. This allows you as a writer to explore humanity at its deepest level and really understand the … [Read more...]

Authors: Make this First Key Step!

Henry Ford said, “The biggest goal can be accomplished if you just break it down into enough small steps.” Most authors have the same goals: To make a nice living selling their stories. The difference between authors who achieve that goal and authors who don’t, is taking the first significant step, then the second, third, and so on. It may take you 3,000 steps for you to become a wealthy author. With each step, you’ll certainly become … [Read more...]

6 Confidence Boosters for Authors

Back in 2005, 300,000 writers decided to self-publish their books rather than taking the traditional route, rising to over a million people. Since then, that number has dwindled because self-published authors have given up. What happened? The answer is simple…Confidence. If you’re feeling like it won’t ever happen for you, stop for a moment and change your habits. Six Confidence Boosters for Authors Start greeting everyone you see … [Read more...]

Changing How Readers View Books

If you’re the person responsible for changing the way readers view books, then you will control the industry. Does that sound like a pipe dream? Does it seem a bit unrealistic? Then this blog is probably not for you. However, if you’re an author that wants to take control of your target audience and capture their emotions, then read on… Find an answer to these six questions. ~ What are some current problems with books? There are … [Read more...]