Can You Tell the Difference?

Below are five paragraphs from authors. Some are just starting out, some have been on the bestsellers list. Can you tell the difference? Grab a scratch piece of paper and number it 1-5. Place a check-mark by the author you think has been on the bestsellers list. If you have time, tell us your answers in the comment section. 

Author One: Michael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday – the night Eddie picked him up off the street, shot him full of heroin and assaulted him.

Michael had been drinking steadily all night, matching Jenny’s Breezers with export-strength lager, and when he saw Jen wrapped around his mate’s brother across the dance floor, he didn’t feel at all inclined to slow down. Totally oblivious to observers, they were all hands and lips – a human octopus of limbs on the red chesterfield sofa with Jenny’s long dark hair covering both their faces. She’d dropped an E in the toilets; he could tell by the shine in her eyes and the way she moved when they’d been dancing earlier – she always came onto him when she was high, then pulled away when he got interested. Michael kicked the pillar next to him in disgust. He hated nightclubs anyway.

Author Two: The rain fell lighter that day, but kept the road impassable. Joseph looked at the scene knowing they faced more nights like the last. He wanted dry ground like the rolling hills of Vermont dressed in spring. He could lie in his tent and sleep comfortably, while a certain jewel smoothed his brow. Joseph looked at his uniform, soiled from days of marching. A bath would be nice too. He smelled as rank as a horse’s ass three days dead  in the sun.

Author Three: A head and shoulders broke through the layer of dirt. The long hair and feminine features indicated it was a woman when it was alive. The skin was hardly decomposed but she was covered in a layer of grime as she climbed from the soil and stopped then, almost as if to watch the others come forth.

Author Four: This was a moment when you could believe that one day no traffic would ever again ply the roads, that no human being would walk the coastal hills or any land, anywhere. When the fallen and failed beyond hope of any rise, wind and rain would in time lick away every trace of what the dumb machine of Nature had not built, and the earth would enfold all the wicked bones to hide them forever from the sun, the moon. 

Author Five:Since recovering from the attempt on her life at the spa, Alvirah had regained all the weight she’d paid three thousand dollars to lose and was again a comfortable size somewhere between a 14 and a 16. But Willy constantly observed that when he put his arms around her, he knew he was holding a woman-not one of those half-starved zombies you see in the fashion ads Alvirah was so fond of studying. 

Which ones did you put a check by? Take a look at the answer key below. 

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Answer Key:

Author One: Hamelin’s Child, by Debbie Bennett

Author Two: Blue Honor, by K. Williams 

Author Three: Outer Dominion Saga, Volume I, Destiny Calling by Nina Liv Witham 

Author Four: The Good Guy, by Dean Koontz 

Author Five: The Lottery Winner, by Mary Higgins Clark

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