Can you judge a book by its cover?

Many authors do not realize the importance of an enticing book cover. After all, if first impression is everything, then that definitely applies to your book. After hours of writing your masterpiece, doesn’t it deserve a stellar appearance to catch the eye of a potential reader? I think so, that’s why I’ve included a few tips for all you authors to consider.

First, the title of the book needs to be a legible, clean and an easy to read font with just an initial glance from the customer. This concept also applies to the spine of your book. Most books will not be displayed alone on a bookstore shelf, so having a legible, bold and easy to read spine is essential to draw in readers.

Authors must remember that you are competing with thousands of other books so standing out (in a good way) is key.

Second, aside from the book’s cover, the back of the book can be a deal breaker. This information will ultimately decide if the reader will thumb through your book and potentially purchase it. Here’s a few things to consider:

* The books description should be a brief summary about the content. Keep in mind, the average person’s attention span is short. We want to draw them in immediately.

* If you decide to add an author headshot, this must be done by a professional photographer and kept to a minimum size. Otherwise, it may be best to just leave it off. Author biographies should be kept short. A line or two would be sufficient.

Third, cover images are a great way to draw attention to your book. The best types of images are the ones that make the reader want to know more. In other words, it’s not necessary for the image to tell the entire story. Keeping it somewhat simple is best. I highly recommend the help of a professional graphic designer/illustrator to lay out the book and cover for you. Teaming up with a great designer will ultimately take your book to the next level.

Can you judge a book by its cover? I believe that you can.

Brittney Reilly – Designer at Brand Eleven Eleven

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