Building Your Confidence

Whenever you are feeling dejected, read these words. This is all about you!

  • I am not going to waste my gifts.
  • The world needs my books.
  • Everyday, I will do something to realize my dreams.
  • My experience, good or bad, will be useful in my books.
  • The only person that can stop me from becoming an author is me.
  • I will make the necessary adjustments to improve my writing and author career.
  • Experience = Wisdom.
  • I am not going to regret what I haven’t accomplished yet.
  • I am going to accomplish what I haven’t done yet.
  • My big break will be just as rewarding as my journey.
  • What I have learned, I can share with others.
  • I am already successful.
  • Ten million people will enjoy my book. I just need to find them.
  • I am glad that my career will not take off in a day, or even a month or year, because I need the experience.
  • My life can change in a day.
  • How much money I make, will be determined on how much time I spend serving others.
  • There are millions of books, but there are billions of readers.
  • I may not be able to see the path, but I can see the destination.
  • My future is based on my gifts and the avenue that has already been pre-chosen for me.
  • The only sure thing is that I will not give up.
  • It is never too late for me to have a career as an author.
  • My perseverance will overcome any obstacles.
  • My destiny is not dependent on the world, but rather dependent on me.
  • I will gain confidence by conquering my fears.
  • I have patience.
  • I will never lose control of my emotions.
  • When people in the publishing industry tell me what I did wrong, that is good; because it is the last time I will make that mistake.
  • I am one day closer to being discovered.

Ron Knight – Author of Untraditional Publishing

Ron Knight

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  2. I hope we continue to encourage and inspire you and all authors. If you have any articles you would like to see let me know.