Bestseller vs Best Seller

There are two types of authors. First, there is the author who says, “I guarantee my book is going to be a bestseller.” The second type of author says, “I am going to be the best seller of my book.” Which type are you? 

The fastest way to let someone in the publishing industry know that you are an amateur author is by telling them, “My book is going to be on the bestsellers list.” If you said this to a literary agent or written it in query letter, the only thing you have guaranteed yourself is a rejection.

Even if your book is the greatest thing since Charles Dickens, there’s no sure thing for a bestseller. And even if your book does become a bestseller, what does that mean for you in the long term as an author? 

Many authors easily become discouraged with traditional publishers. The most common complaint, “If I have to edit my book, market it, and make sure it sells, I might as well go to self-publishing.” 

The best thing that could happen to authors is that traditional publishers put more of the chances for success on the author’s shoulders. If the book fails, it won’t be the publishers fault, but rather the author. 

I say…GREAT! 

I want to be in full control of my destiny. I do not want my success or failure placed in the hands of someone else. After eighty years, the publishing industry has shifted the power to the authors. This is a good thing, not bad. 

However, an author who believes their book will be a Bestseller will say, “My novel will be huge!” 

An author who believes they will be the Best Seller of their book will say, “My novel’s success will depend on many factors. For the most part, it will depend on me.” 

Here are some more examples. 

Bestseller Author “I won’t buy anyone else’s book until they buy mine.” 

Best Seller Author “I will read everyday and support my fellow authors.” 

Bestseller Author “This is my very first novel and my family likes it. It was edited by my uncle who is a retired teacher.” 

Best Seller Author “I need to improve both my storytelling and my mechanics. There are several ways  I am doing this. First and foremost, I am reading everyday. Second, I am writing, but only when the creative juices are flowing. Third, I am showing my work to people in the publishing industry and listening to their advice. And finally, I have accepted that it may take ten or twelve novels before I have something that is both enjoyable and marketable.” 

Bestselling Author “Once people find out what a great writer I am and read my book, it will sell itself.” 

Best Selling Author “I will build a platform, hire a manager to guide my career, seek advice and learn from others, connect with my audience, and keep improving my public speaking skills. My fans will grow, based on my efforts.”

Bestselling Author “If the publishing world doesn’t want me, I don’t want them!”

Best Selling Author “If I can learn all the ins and outs of the publishing industry, network, and attend writing conferences, I will increase my chances of being published.”

If you have talent and no effort, you will be ordinary. (Same goes for the opposite. If you have effort and no talent, you will be ordinary.) Or as William Shakespeare said, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

When it comes down to the very minimum, you are responsible for your dreams. The more you show your efforts, the more doors that will be open for you.

Bestsellers come and go…

Best Sellers last forever…

Ron Knight

Author of, “2-10”

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  1. absolutely 100% on the mark. Again you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Hi.. I am Yasemin. my english is not very good, fisrtly sorry.
    I live in Türkiye. In my country ı am bestseller author. And always in television. Now ı want to bestseller in NY Times… How can you help..?


  3. Ron Knight says:


    Become a Best Seller of your book.

    Ron Knight