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MCS BlogThe main purpose of Facebook, Twitter, and blogging is so that there’s a place for your target readers to follow you and get to know you better. The purpose of Amazon and your website is for readers to purchase your books.

These are not marketing plans, nor a way to attract your target audience. but rather maintain your current audience.

Remember there used to be a time when authors had to use several tools to build success. What were they?

Marketing, Promoting, Advertising

~ Book Conferences

~ Events

~ Book Signings

~ Placement of the author’s books in big box stores

~ Media Coverage

~ Advertisements (Billboards, Newspapers, Commercials)

~ Glossy Postcards/One Sheets

~ Press Kits/Book Kits

~ Book Reviews

~ Reading Samples/Serialization

~ Speaking Engagements

~ Film/Television Adaptation

When self-publishing arrived, authors couldn’t afford all those things and certainly had no idea how to locate their ideal readers around the world. So authors began thinking that social media was the best solution because it was free. It would just take a few hours a day to keep up with posts and attempting to locate readers and communicate with them.

However, this business model has been failing most authors.

Let’s narrow down the most productive way to attract readers. You make the choice:

Facebook Posts vs. Book Conferences

Tweets vs. Author Events

Amazon vs. Book Signings

If you had a choice, which of those three would win? As an author, I would choose book conferences, author events, and book signings. How about you?

Here are three more comparisons:

Facebook Posts vs. Placement of the author’s books in big box stores

Tweets vs. Media Coverage

Amazon vs. Advertisements (Billboards, Newspapers, Commercials)

Okay, which three did you choose? (You don’t have to answer. I already know.)

Here are three more comparisons:

Facebook Posts vs. Glossy Postcards/One Sheets

Tweets vs. Press Kits/Book Kits

Amazon vs. Book Reviews

Here are the last three comparisons:

Facebook Posts vs. Reading Samples/Serialization

Tweets vs. Speaking Engagements

Amazon vs. Film/Television Adaptation

Authors may not have a budget to do all those things, but these days, neither do publishers. You must choose carefully where to spend your time and money to grow your author career.

Where should the author start?

~ Write amazing books

~ Engage that audience using one of the several items listed on this page other than Facebook, Twitter, and blogging.


It all comes down to putting yourself in the best position to succeed and thinking logical. You can spend your time writing posts on Facebook and hope that someone might “like” your post, research your website, and purchase a book, or you can go after your target audience with a plan in mind.

That’s how authors succeed…

For detailed help, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

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