Lisa Comstock



Lisa J. Comstock was born, raised and lives in Northern New England. She loves the outdoors and spends as much time as she can in her flower garden, when weather permits. She loves reading, cooking, playing poker and all types of music – always has it playing in the background, no matter what she is doing, and hanging with friends and family. She always has a story running around in her head, some of which she has now put on paper.

Lisa has written 16 novels and is working on three others. Three of these have been published, the first three in The BrimTier Chronicles series.

The BrimTier Chronicles

Change in any society is not easy but it’s even harder when it’s self-confessed criminals trying to bring it about – having the whole universe to spread the word to makes it even harder still. Captain Bryce and his crew haven’t given up their attempts to help the poor and oppressed of the Second BrimTier but they have had some hard slaps of reality and are beginning to see the enormity and futility of their efforts.They manage a few wins and gain some unexpected allies but also suffer horrific losses that push them all to their limits and forces the captain to issue a likely-vain challenge.This marks the third journal in the life and times of the Robin Hood pirate. Join Captain Iain Bryce and his crew as they continue trying to help the less fortunate while keeping out of reach of the Confederational Regime Forces.
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Life of a BrimTier Pirate

It’s the late twenty-third century in a universe where social morality and the lines of right and wrong are mixed and muddied. Over-population and dwindling resources have forced the people out into the stars; known space is now split into three tiers. The government has reverted back to feudalism and isn’t necessarily good and not all crimes committed are done with criminal intent.Life is anything but easy in the black and some have been forced into lives they didn’t necessarily want in order to survive.This journal is about the extraordinary lives and harrowing exploits of Phoenix Enclave’s captain, Iain Bryce, the “Robin Hood” pirate, his crew and their admittedly criminal activities as they try to stay true to their ideals and the cause of helping the less fortunate while trying to keep from getting captured by the Confederational Regime Forces.Read the Life of a Pirate by Lisa Comstock Teaser

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Life of a BrimTier Pirate

Life in the twenty third century hasn’t gotten any easier for the members of Phoenix Enclave. They are learning you win some and you lose some and that the admittedly criminal life they have chosen is a double edged sword. Their convictions are being tested hard, forcing some to reassess their commitment to the cause of helping the less fortunate. At the same time, some of their enemies are learning that the lines between right and wrong are not so clear anymore.Can the colorful characters of the big black hold to their ideals in the face of some harsh realities?This is the second journal of the exploits of the “Robin Hood” pirate, Iain Bryce. Join the captain and his crew as they continue to try to help the forgotten colonists of the Second BrimTier as well as keep from getting captured by the Confederational Regime Forces.

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