Authors Taking Control

There are many ways of taking control of your career. For an author, imagination is a powerful tool, not only for writing, but for guiding your career. Imagination is used to formulate ideas. It can be used to revaluate your existing methods and approach to your career offering many choices to succeed. 

Inventors have trouble dealing with experienced business people and financial professionals, because inventors are driven by ideas. Business and finance professionals are driven by costs and market. Of course, everyone wants to make a profit, but the way to proceed is different. 

It’s the same with authors who are driven by imagination, while literary agents, editors, and publishers are driven by costs and market. 

Henry Ford said, “If you have an idea, that is good. If you also have ideas as to how to work it out, that is better.” 

An idea is one thing, but implementing that concept is very different. You must know how to apply experience and knowledge to your ideas for both writing and marketing.

From a publisher’s point of view, if an author claims they have a great idea for a successful book, the correct response from the publisher should be, “Don’t tell me about it. Show me.” 

If an author claims that have a fail-safe marketing plan, the response from the publisher will be, “Show me that you can execute that marketing plan.” It’s frustrating, but that is how business has been done since the early 1900’s. 

Henry Ford also said this, “We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present.” I believe that sums up the direction of the publishing industry today. 

Consider doing this. Replace the word “publishing” with the word “packaging.” For example, “My goal is to package my book for readers traditionally.” Or, “I’m going to package my books digitally for my readers.” Or, “I’m going to self-package my books and print them myself.” 

By replacing the word “publishing” with “packaging,” you have instantly taken control of your author career. Your ideas for writing and marketing are the same. Now, you are looking for ways to package your product and sell to readers. 

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” ~ Charles F. ‘Boss’Kettering.

Taking control of your author career is expanding the concept of your books and stories. Successful authors will attempt what has not been done before. 

Mark Twain said that the name of the greatest inventor is “Accident.” That is a brilliant way to expand your ideas. If you are trying something different, you will discover by accident something that no one else has tried before. 

Richard W. Sears has this advice, “If one hot fire doesn’t get it, I will build more fires.” 

Every four months, I put together ideas for writing and marketing that I will attempt, based on my most powerful and useful tool…imagination. I guarantee that my ideas do not coincide with traditional ways of doing things. In fact, most ideas do not work. But during this process, I’ve discovered that a great idea for a book, or marketing plan appears by accident. 

Replace publishing with packaging. Break tradition and be willing to change, while others are stagnate. Expand the concept of your book and create a new world based on your stories. Use your imagination to discover ideas by accident. 

Write, package, market, and sell books based on your successful ideas, rather than trying to get the publishing industry to go along with your ideas. 

That is how to take control of your author career. 

Ron Knight   

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