Authors, Poets, Musicians

Want to build your audience up in quick fashion? Work together and help others with their dream. The reward will be amazing!

I owned a board game company for seven years and learned to work with lots of different types of personalities and talents. The board game industry works the same way as the publishing industry, so I learned to combine my efforts to improve the quality of what I did and build an audience. At the same time, I tried to help as many others as possible.

Authors and Musicians

These days, book trailers are a huge part of promoting an author and their new release. Even the bestselling authors are going this route. Use a local band for your trailer.


* You will not have to purchase the song to use the rights.

* You will be promoting the band. (For them, it is like having a music video.)

* The band can pick several songs to use as a soundtrack to go along with your book. The CD can be sold right next to your book.

* Both your audience and their audience combines. You can work together with the band and promote each other.

* Even better, talk to several bands to form your soundtrack. Musicians will jump at the chance to have another outlet for their songs.

Authors and Poets

There are many talented poets. Just look around on FB and you will find thousands. Remember that the poetry genre is a much tougher sell than non-fiction or fiction. I am in awe of what poets go through to get their work published. So why not help them out?


* Authors can use a poem in the first page of the book as a “warm-up” to what will happen. Work with a poet that best fits your story.

* Use poems as “breaks” throughout your book. (Rather than saying: Part I, or Section II.)

* Use a short poem to start off each chapter. Get the reader in the right mood.

* Finish your book with a poem. It doesn’t matter if you write children’s books, suspense, or horror. You can find a poet to best fit your story.

* Now you are working together with the poet and combining efforts. Your audience will grow and you will help the poet get their name out for others to see.

Authors and Graphic Artists

Who says that graphic novels are the only place for illustrations? You are an Untraditional author, so break the rules! Graphic artists and illustrators can bring life to your novel or even your non-fiction book.


* Imagine your chapters start off with a powerful illustration. That will keep children or adult readers glued.

* Illustrations at random parts of your book give readers another visual. (Stephen King did it, so why can’t you?)

* Illustrations for your poster will help market and sell your book. Moreover, you can sell the poster.

* And…what else??? Oh yeah, you can combine audiences with the graphic artist or illustrator, work together, to build up!

Authors and Authors

If there was a city that James Patterson was not selling books, he would partner with a local author and they would write a book together. This would of course build Patterson’s audience. (He just got $150 million from his publisher, so I would trust Patterson knows what he is doing.)


* There are traditionally published authors who would love to double the amount of books they produce each year. Network and maybe you will find one that is willing to work with you.

* This will help you inside the publishing industry, rather than always feeling like you are “outside.”

* Working with another experienced author will improve your mechanics in writing.

* And yes…you can build audiences and combine efforts to promote each other.

Now close your eyes for a moment and think about…wait, don’t close your eyes. Just think about how you can help others. The rewards will be endless!

You will have to negotiate a deal to best fit both parties. The most productive way to figure out the needs of others is to simply ask.

Envision you are working with musicians, poets, graphic artists, illustrators, and authors. You can take your career to another level!

Just remember, it all starts with you helping someone first. Not the other way around.

Ron Knight

Author of “2-10”

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