Authors: Keep Fighting

I know it’s hard to become a successful author, but I’m asking you to keep fighting. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge.

Authors are alone in this world. Alone in their writing. Alone in their reading. Alone in their marketing. Alone with their thoughts.

That’s when the demons come in many forms. Doubt. Insecurity. Fear.

Struggling authors cannot hold back the tears that spray from their eyes. They fall into a corner of lonely darkness, wondering why they have been cursed.

But they keep fighting.

A struggling author will drive to an event with their junker car, only to have that junker die a mile away from the event. The author will haul their books and foldout table to the event, wipe the sweat from their face and put on a professional smile. The author pushes away their frustration and greets every single person that passes by, standing for eight hours, selling just one book to a person that gleamed as the author signed their name.

After the event, the author is alone with a foldout table and a box of heavy books. They begin the long walk back to their junker car on the side of the road, vowing to keep fighting.

Bills are piling up and the author’s bank account is empty. They do not want to look into the mailbox or answer the phone. But they keep fighting.

The mind will not shut off. Sleep will not come. The nerves will not settle. The stories will not yield. Uncertainty squeezes their heart, driving the author to drugs and alcohol, or some other addiction. They suck down sleeping pills and chase that with a large gulp of cough medicine, just to get a few hours of rest.

Keep fighting.

The author replaces their addictions and begins to exercise as if they were training for the Olympics. They knock the rust off their bodies and clear the cobwebs from their minds. They keep fighting.

Time is precious. The author finds ways to research books in quick fashion. They study speed reading, along with the best ways to market. They examine all the things that they are doing wrong. Instead of dwelling on their mistakes, the author keeps fighting.

The struggling author has problems that threaten to steal away their joy, but they keep fighting and keep those problems away from their perspective readers. Not once does that author complain in public. Instead, they keep fighting to discover ways to benefit their target audience.

The struggling author networks by showing interest in others. They follow blogs of literary agents, publishers, media outlets, marketing firms, branding agencies, and successful authors. They fight to read those blogs everyday and retain as much information as possible.

The struggling author has to sacrifice many friendships, while keeping a core group of loving people around them. They will fight for those people and remember that they have dreams as well.

Book sales are non-existent. Contacts are few. Networking doesn’t seem to work. The writing has not produced the kind of career the author had been looking for. But they keep fighting.

Reading. Writing. Marketing. Networking. Research. Everyday the author improves.

Keep fighting.

Stories are not enough. The author needs great stories.

Reading is not enough. The author needs to excel at reading.

Marketing is not enough. The author needs productive marketing.

So the author keeps fighting to discover ways to develop their skills.

The author stretch’s their abilities and writes in different genres, different age groups, fiction and non-fiction. The author writes blogs, articles, and stories for local schools. The author writes books to help charitable organizations. They keep fighting for that one opportunity that will propel them to a successful career.

And even when the author finally sells thousands of books, then millions of books, they continue one very important quality that brought them to this place.

The author keeps fighting…

Ron Knight

Ron Knight

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  1. Great article, but I’m worn out just from reading it. LOL

  2. Ron Knight says:

    lol. Good one Linda.