Authors & Film Production: Locating the Audience

FilmDo you want your book adapted to a screenplay and be shown on the big screen? Let me introduce you to MCS who represents screenwriters, producers, and directors in Los Angeles and called the “Moneyball” of the film industry. The main focus of MCS is to locate the best cities and regions around the world to market and launch a new film.

Now, MCS has expanded their representation to authors and publishers. This is a great fit, because MCS uses analysis from screenplays to locate the ideal audience based on characters and storyline. It makes sense that books can go through the same process.

Marketing for authors is outdated. You are creative, so use the same plans as the film industry.

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Introduction Stage: Building the Author

How can MCS assist authors in finding their target audience while having the opportunity to adapt their book into a movie?

MCS provides you with the ability to take advantage of the plans and benefits listed below plus a monthly newsletter designed to give you the same opportunities as producers and directors have in the film industry.

MCS will provide you with advice on how to develop, publish, and market a book by using methods that movie production companies use to market and launch new films, along with ideas on creating ancillary products based on your books.

If you feel that your book would make a terrific movie, or television series, the book can be sent in for a film adaptation review. (Only one book per author can be submitted. If you would like multiple books considered, please see information below.)

Here is the process to have your book reviewed for movie or television adaptation:

Step One: Send your book to UP Authors, (Division of Brand Eleven Eleven) at 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34234 with a short author bio and description of the book. (Remember that you must be signed up for MCS before a book submission can be considered.)

Step Two: The book will be reviewed for writing mechanics, story interest, and marketability.

Step Three: If accepted, the book will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles for review for movie or television production.

Step Four: If approved, the book will be referred to Hollywood writers, producers, and directors that have an interest in the same genre, characters, and storyline.

Step Five: If any Hollywood writers, producers, or directors consider the book for film adaptation, MCS will put them in touch with the author.

All members will receive discount pricing on valuable marketing tools such as cities that you should market in the United States, viable international countries with the your target readers, detailed marketing advice, and comparable film analysis.

The monthly membership fee is only $30 per month.

Stage One: Target Reader Information

What cities should you sell your books?

MCS will research five viable cities in the United States for target markets based on your genre, characters, storylines, and target reader. In short, these cities are where you should do all their marketing. (The same process that MCS uses to assist film producers and directors.)

This will give you the best chance to succeed with book sales because you will be marketing in cities that have the highest population of your specific target reader. At the same time you can use this valuable information when writing query letters for literary agents and publishers.

Members $150 (One Time Fee) Non-Members $300

Stage Two: Global Reach

Are you an author that wants to market books globally?

Stage Two benefits include twenty viable cities in the United States to market the author’s books with the highest population of their target readers, plus two viable international countries where the author can extend their reach around the world to targeted areas and communities.

Members $395 (One time fee) Non-Members $600

Stage Three: Unlimited Success

Are you ready to take your books to the highest level?

Stage Three benefits include an unlimited amount viable U.S.A. cities and viable international countries to market ALL of the author’s books. The author will also be coached on reasons why certain cities and countries are beneficial for the books based on their characters, storylines, and comparable film analysis.

Furthermore, the author can submit an unlimited amount of books for film and television review, along with referrals to Hollywood writers, producers, and directors. At this point the author is investing in their career for the long haul and being placed on the same playing field as authors James Patterson and Stephen King.

Members $2,895 (One time fee) Non-Members $4,000

Consulting Services

All consulting services will be charged on a per project basis.

If you are interested in becoming a member of MCS and linking your books with the film industry, please contact MCS by using the link below you can get started.

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I hope that this information will benefit you and that MCS will take your career to another level.

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