Interview with David Earl

“What is your definition of success?” My definition of success is being able to earn a living with my books and characters. “Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?” I don’t know why I can write stories the way I do, but I do believe that everyone has something they are naturally good at - I think writing is my thing. “How much time do you spend reading each day?" I don’t read each day; I read when the feeling hits me, and … [Read more...]

Interview with Lisa Comstock

For my second interview, I asked author Lisa Comstock to be my guest. I have been working with Lisa for the last couple of months. We are currently building her fan base and her exposure to readers. Lisa has three self-published books that are all part of The Brimtier Chronicles. She has several other books in the works. Lisa is an example of faith and dedication to all authors. “What is your definition of success?” Personal success is … [Read more...]

Interview with Ron Knight

I thought a great way to start our author series is with Ron Knight. Ron has written quite a few books and I work with him as his marketing manager. It will be a year in October that Ron and myself have been working together. Since then we have worked very hard on not focusing so much on getting published but more on building his fans and reputation as a knowledgable author. We have upgraded the graphic design of his new books, going with a … [Read more...]

Interview with an Author Series

In the next couple of weeks we will be starting a new blog series that will post once a week. In this series we will be interviewing different authors.  Unlike the traditional author interview we will be asking questions that will be more related to the process and struggle of being an author.  We developed the idea for this series based on the wonderful feedback we have from you the UPAuthor fans on Ron Knights blog posts. And the whole … [Read more...]

Manager – What does that mean?

A few days ago Ron Knight wrote about how helpful it was to have a manager. After getting some really great feedback and questions I thought it would be useful for all of you if I wrote a little bit about what my objective is with a client. First of all I consider myself a brand manager. This means my goal is to create and build your brand. I have several types of clients, from businesses to professional anglers to authors. Each client is … [Read more...]