Author Wisdom

Here are a few words of wisdom for author’s. Enjoy!

“There is reality and fiction. In a novel, the reader should not be able to figure out the difference.”

“Routine and tradition is the world’s way of saying we are not permitted to change. Thank goodness authors are Untraditional.”

“Author’s will be judged on what their books did for others, not what their books did for themselves.”

“It is impossible to feel 100% comfortable and be an author at the same time.”

“Imagine you have a job where every single minute of every day, even while you sleep, you are thinking about your job. That is what an author has to go through.”

“The greatest author’s invest time in others, because that is what their book does…serves others.”

“If an author misses one day of reading, it breaks their heart.”

“Television is the destroyer of authors.”

“Author’s know what it is like to do almost everything by themselves.”

“Giving up is not only insulting to the author, but insulting to the people who believed in that author.”

“Every author is human. That puts them all on the same playing field.”

“Authors never think about money when they write their books.”

“Readers always come before the author’s needs.”

“Authors are thankful when mistakes are pointed out to them, because they will not ever make those mistakes again.”

“It is an author’s dream that their fingers moved faster than their brain.”

“There are more writers than readers, but there are more readers than books.”

“Any reaction to an authors book, including disgust and hatred, is a good reaction, because it means the reader believed the story.”

“No one can be harder on the author, than the author.”

“Author’s need to be “independent,” not “dependent.”

“Some authors believe that if they die with one single thought that has not been written down, then they have failed.”

“Almost everyone can write, only a few can be an author.”

“You have been given a gift of being an author. If I knew nothing else about you…that would be enough.”

Ron Knight

Novelist and author of Untraditional Publishing

Co-Founder of UP Authors

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