Author: One Year Marketing Plan: Month 2

MCS 14This is month 2 of your marketing plan. If you missed the previous month, please click on then link, read the month 1 plan, and then return here.

Included in the marketing plan are two agencies that I recommend. They are MCS, a talent agency in L.A., and Brand Eleven Eleven, a marketing/branding agency in Sarasota, Florida. Both agencies are author friendly and reasonably priced. For more information you can review the month 1 blog, or visit their website.

If you are all caught up on the information and blogs, then continue from here!

Author Marketing Plan: Month 2

What’s new this month? Printing and mailing postcards, along with putting together your new Book Kit!

Budget: $130 (There are printing costs this month. Budget will lower next month.)

To-Do: Research the 5 cities that you received from MCS.

In month one you signed up for MCS so that you can receive a list of cities that have the largest percentage of your target audience and give you the best chance at selling books. At this point you should have 10 cities and should be researching possible sales opportunities. Remember that these locations are filled with your target reader, so market with confidence.

Does the city hold an annual event like a parade or fair? If so, there will be thousands of your targeted readers in one spot. Become a sponsor of the parade or fair and provide information for your website or Amazon page.

To-Do: Research bookstores that you received from MCS.

In month one you received a list of bookstores in your targeted areas. Now that you have a nice list going, you’re ready to send them information. Consider local and niche bookstores and keep them at the top of your list.

To-Do: Print 500-1,000 copies of our postcard.

Make sure to shop around for the best quality and the best pricing. Brand Eleven Eleven can do this for you at an extremely low cost:

To-Do: Mail all viable bookstores your postcard.

You created the postcard, now it’s time to get that postcard into the hands of local bookstores in your targeted areas.

To-Do: Mail postcards to all the places that you researched in your targeted cities.

There are places in your targeted cities that you will eventually send a Book Kit as well, so this is a great introduction. Nevertheless, the point of sending these postcards is to attract your target audience in the cities that you have the best odds of selling books.

Local retail stores are always looking for something fresh to sell. Remember that your books are targeted to the same people that shop in those stores, so it’s a win/win.

To-Do: (Optional) Submit another book for film or television adaptation review.

In month one you submitted a book for film or television adaptation, which hopefully will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles. However, it’s good to have plenty of logs on the fire. If you have a second book, then submit that as well.

To-Do: Put together your Book Kit.

In month one you discovered what goes in a Book Kit and began writing the content, along with researching places in your targeted cities to send. Now you’re ready to print the materials and put them together in folders. You will send these Book Kits out next month so that you can stay on budget, but if you have a little extra money for shipping, send them out now.

Once you have your postcards and Book Kit together, they can be used over the following months.

To-Do: Read MCS information sheet.

This increases your knowledge of getting your book into the hands of producers, directors, and film production companies, along with giving you the latest trends and marketing information.


~ Research 5 target market cities sent to you by MCS. (You should have a total of 10.)

~ Research potential bookstores.

~ Print 500-1,000 copies of your postcard.

~ Mail postcard to bookstores.

~ Mail postcard to places you researched in your target market cities.

~ (Optional) Submit a second book for film adaptation review.

~ Put together your Book Kit.

~ Read the MCS information sheet to gain more insights.

You should put the same effort into marketing your book as you did writing your book.

~ If you cannot afford to spend $50 a month and a few hours a week on marketing, then your author career is doomed.

~ How can anyone notice you, unless they know about you?

~ Your audience will not magically appear when you are finished with your book.

~ When writing, you must have imagined someone would eventually read your book. Who is that person? Describe them detail, because that is your target audience.

~ If you do not have a plan to build relationships with fans and publishing contacts, then you are admitting defeat.

Ron Knight

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