Author Marketing Plan: Month 4

MCS27What’s new this month? The location of your target audience in each city!

This marketing campaign is based on using analytical information from MCS that evaluates your storyline and characters, while locating your ideal target audience. This saves you time and money, giving you a real chance to succeed.

Make sure you reviewed the previous three months so that all of this makes sense.

Budget: $40-$75

To-Do: (Optional) Sign up for the Things To Do Package at MCS.

If you’re having trouble with research in your cities, or want to save time, this package will give you each month 5 places that your target audience can be found, 5 retail outlets that best fits your target audience, and 5 media outlets based in the areas of your largest target audience.

To-Do: (Optional) Based on the Things To Do Package, write and send a press release to 5 media outlets.

It’s good if you do a little extra research on the media outlets to find the perfect contact. These media outlets were chosen based on the target evaluation from MCS, which you can mention in your press release or cover letter.

Also, follow your media contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Make comments on their blogs and build relationships so that they will remember you.

To-Do: Research the 5 cities that you received from MCS.

In months one, two, three, and four you received a list of 20 cities that have the largest percentage of your target audience and give you the best chance at selling books. Continue to research those cities for marketing, promotion, and sales opportunities.

Look to team up with certain groups, clubs, and organizations. Work together on a project that will sell your books as a fundraiser.

To-Do: Research bookstores that you received from MCS.

Niche bookstores have tons of value, especially in your targeted cities. You can explain in a cover letter to the bookstore how you came about your research via MCS and why you are confident that your books will sell in their store.

To-Do: (Optional) Submit another book for film or television adaptation review.

Keeping sending books to Brand Eleven Eleven, which hopefully will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles for film adaptation. You never know which will be your first big break.

To-Do: Mail postcards to places in your targeted cities.

Look for libraries, bookstores, local fairs/events, local retail stores, chamber of commerce, local clubs, etc… Get to know these cities because they are the best places in the United States for you to succeed. Keep your lists organized.

To-Do: Send Book Kit to five groups.

If you sell teen books, don’t forget about Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA, etc… Your Book Kit is an awesome tool for selling and will impress leaders and managers.

To-Do: (Optional) Send postcards or Book Kits using the information sent by MCS for the Youth Author Package.

If you signed up to receive this information, you have received at least 10 schools, 10 libraries, and geographic details to increase the chances for book sales. Use that to your advantage.

Another thought is to donate $25 to the school if they will put your poster up in their library or even in a main hallway. Also, donate a book to the library to gain student interest. If enough students want your book, the school will order more.

To-Do: (Optional) Send query letters to literary agents and publishers based on the MCS Publishing Package.

If you signed up for this package last month, you now have a list of 10 literary agents and 10 publishers that best fit your needs. In your query letter make sure to include all the information given to you by MCS and the research you gathered for this marketing campaign.

To-Do: Read MCS information sheet.

Every month you will learn something new.


~ (Optional) Sign up for the Things To Do Package at MCS. Send postcards to the places that are listed.

~ (Optional) Based on the Things To Do Package, write and send a press release to 5 media outlets.

~ Research all 20 cities that you received from MCS that have the largest population of your target audience.

~ Keep up with your research on all bookstores sent to you by MCS.

~ Mail postcards to those bookstores.

~ Mail postcards to other places in your targeted cities.

~ Send your Book Kit to five groups.

~ (Optional) Send postcards or Book Kits based on Youth Author Package.

~ (Optional) Send query letters to literary agents and publishers based on the MCS Publishing Package.

~ Read MCS information sheet.

Remember that your marketing plan is based on a year, not a few months. You are building relationships, getting your name into the hands of readers, and networking in the best possible places.

Authors were born to write, not market. However, this simplified plan has a low budget and gives you the best chance to succeed.

Stretch your imagination and find ways to squeeze everything you can from your budget. Do not limit your success. Use every bit of information to your advantage.

Ron Knight

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