Author Marketing Plan: Month 1

MCS 4Need a marketing plan? How about a plan that you can use over the next year that will keep you on a tight budget, build book sales and a larger fan base?

This marketing plan is based on authors that have at least one book published either traditionally or self-published. Also, this plan is for authors that want to have a career writing books.

By the end of this marketing plan you will have:

~ 60 cities that have the largest population of your target readers.

~ Thousands of ideal bookstores that have the best chance to sell your books.

~ 60 book clubs that are loaded with your target readers, along with the contact information in each club.

~ 60 literary agents that fit your needs.

~ 60 traditional publishers that are perfect for your style of writing.

~ 60 schools that have the largest percentage of your ideal readers.

~ Student geographic information in areas of at least 50 cities.

~ 60 libraries in your targeted cities.

~ 60 places where your target readers spend the most time.

~ 60 media outlets located in your ideal cities.

~ Book Kits and postcards which you can send to all of these places.

~ 12 chances to submit your book for film or television adaptation.

~ Lists of regions around the world that have the largest percentage of your target readers.

~ Professional author logo.

~ Increased Facebook readers.

~ Ancillary products to sell along with your books.

~ Awesome book trailers.

~ Marketing in theaters.

~ Updated website to gain more fans.

~ A monthly information sheet on film adaptation, marketing, branding, and other valuable tips.

NOTE: Remember that every penny you spend in marketing is a tax write off. Save your receipts and keep track of everything you’re doing.

Of all the cities in the United States, you will be given a list of the most ideal cities with the largest population of your readers who are educated and have money to spend.

This is a REAL marketing plan designed for authors which gives you the best opportunity to succeed.

Budget: $35

There are two companies that I suggest you use with your marketing plan. They are author friendly and reasonably priced. Let me introduce to you MCS in Los Angeles (CA) and Brand Eleven Eleven in Sarasota (FL).

MCS is a talent agency that represents producers, directors’, agents, actors, screenwriters, Fortune 500 companies, concert promoters, musicians, and authors. You can use MCS to evaluate the best markets that have the largest percentage of your readers, along with other things like best places to promote and sell your books.

Also, if your book is film or television adaptable, they can get the book into the hands of producers, directors, and screenwriters.

Brand Eleven Eleven is a branding agency that represents startup businesses, athletes, musicians, authors, and publishers, along with not-for-profit companies. The process with Brand Eleven Eleven is to create your brand, convey that brand to your target audience, and connect your brand so that you can build sales and a fan base.

They are also working with MCS on the book-to-film adaptation process.

Here is your list for month one.

To-Do: If you haven’t done this already, sign up at MCS using their automated system at

You will receive a list of 5 cities and hundreds of bookstores that will give you the best chance of succeeding at selling books. The cities and bookstores are based on the following:

~ Well Educated Population

~ Mid-High Income Levels

~ Your Target Market Readers

This is a slam dunk on where you should be marketing your books, which will save you time and money. No other company in the world can provide you with this information for such a low cost.

To-Do: Once you sign up at MCS, you can submit your book to be reviewed for film or television adaptation.

The chances are slim, but it’s worth the time. This one submission could make your career overnight.

MCS is using Brand Eleven Eleven and UP Authors as the gatekeepers to review books before it can be submitted to them in Los Angeles. Here’s what you do:

Step One: Mail your book to UP Authors, (Division of Brand Eleven Eleven) at 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34234. Include a short author bio and description of the book. (Remember that you must be signed up for MCS before a book submission can be considered.) If you have an eBook, then mail your author bio, description, and a code that can be used to view the eBook for free.

Step Two: The book will be reviewed for writing mechanics, story interest, and marketability.

Step Three: If accepted, the book will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles for review for movie or television production.

Step Four: If approved by MCS, they will sign and represent the author, then pitch the book to Hollywood writers, producers, and directors that have an interest in the same genre, characters, and storyline.

Step Five: If any Hollywood writers, producers, or directors consider the book for film adaptation, MCS will make a deal with the author’s approval.

To-Do: Research the 5 cities on the list sent to you by MCS.

Look for places that you can market and sell books. For example, if you sell children’s books, research the schools in those cities. Look for libraries, bookstores, local fairs/events, local retail stores, chamber of commerce, book clubs, etc…

Get to know these cities. They are the best places in the United States for you to succeed.

To-Do: Start writing the content for a Book Kit.

This is something that you will send to places so that books can be ordered. View Book Kit instructions by following the link:

To-Do: Write content for a postcard.

The information on your postcard should include a benefit to your target audience, twenty-word description of your story, and contact information. The postcard will also include a picture of your book. This can be mailed to places in your target market cities to increase awareness.

To-Do: Read MCS information sheet.

MCS will send you information that will discuss the latest trends in technology, film adaptation tips, marketing tips, ancillary product ideas, and inspiration to keep you motivated.


~ Sign up for MCS and receive 5 cities and hundreds of bookstores to target.

~ Submit your book for film adaptation review.

~ Research the cities on your list and look for every possible way to market and sell your books.

~ Start writing the content for your Book Kit.

~ Write the content for your postcard.

~ Get to know MCS and Brand Eleven Eleven, because they will be your best friends!

~ Read MCS information sheet.

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