Author Interview

For all you authors that I am friends with on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout, Foursquare, Google Plus, and wherever else I’m connected with you in the social media world, I need to ask you a few questions before we continue our professional relationship.

If you answer “No” to any of the following questions, contact me immediately. Thank you for your time.

~ Do you want to share your charisma, ideas, experiences, passion, and emotions with an audience of readers?

~ Do you want to help and serve others with your gift?

~ Are you interested in earning enough money to live your dream as a full-time author and willing to put in the work to achieve that goal?

~ Do you feel the need to satisfy your eager heart and fulfill your God given talents?

~ Are you willing to mature as an author and help other authors do the same?

~ Do you dream of seeing your book in the stores and libraries?

~ Do you envision yourself being interviewed in newspapers, radio programs, and on TV?

~ Do you enjoy placing your audience in a world that you alone have created?

~ Do you enjoy escaping from reality and helping your readers do the same?

~ Would you classify yourself as an entertainer?

~ With each book that you write, do you improve considerably as an author?

~ Are your books something to be proud of, especially when you are recognized by others?

~ Do you want to create a legacy?

~ Do you want to give hope to all authors who are trying to succeed?

~ Is popularity not your primary goal?

~ Can you learn from others in the publishing industry?

~ Do you want to support your family with your career?

~ Are you going to be the best seller of your books, rather than claiming all your books will be bestsellers?

~ Is challenging, complaining, and criticizing your fellow authors a bad idea?

~ (Question for romance and erotic romance authors only.) Do you want to use writing as revenge on an ex-lover that hurt you in the past? (If you are a romance author, using writing as revenge on an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend is perfectly acceptable. For all other genre’s, it is not acceptable. Lol.)

~ Are you a unique author?

~ Is it difficult for those who cannot write books to understand authors?

~ Do you try to read, write, market, and network with others in the publishing industry every week, if not every day?

~ Do you understand that there are plenty of helpful and passionate authors, traditional publishers, self-publishers, literary agents, editors, literary managers, public relation firms, and branding agencies?

~ In social media, do you write posts that benefit your target audience?

~ Do you purchase books from other authors?

~ Can you describe your book in twenty words or less?

~ Do you understand that if you write testimonials for authors, it is a significant marketing tool for you?

~ Like any other business, are you professional at all times?

~ Do you control your emotions?

~ Do you understand that content editing will improve your manuscript?

~ Are you planning more than five re-drafts for each book?

~ Are you adamant about not letting those that disapprove steal your joy of writing?

~ If you spend time feeling sorry for yourself, is that less time for you to read and write?

~ Are you the primary person that is going to write, market, and sell that book, better than anyone else?

~ If writing is a craft, does that mean you can learn, mature, and develop as an author?

~ Is developing an author career a long journey and worth taking?

~ If you gave up, would the people that believed in you be disappointed?

~ Because of your uniqueness, is there a specific audience for your book?

~ Is professional feedback necessary to improve as an author?

~ What if I told you that you will indeed become a successful author; would you believe me?

~ Do you understand that family and friends are supportive of your writing and those in the publishing industry are honest?

~ Are you limiting your expectations or are you increasing your expectations?

~ Can we continue to support each other in social media, because I really want to stay connected with you?

Thank you for participating. I think we both learned a lot about each other.

Ron Knight

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  1. I am unable to control my emotions.

  2. Wow, Ron, could you tell us more about yourself? Wonderful thought provoking questions. Thanks for asking.

  3. It is amazing how you captured the essence of being a HUMAN BEING and tilted it towards being an author. Thanks for the good read.