Author Horoscope: Virgo

VirgoIf you are an author born between August 23rd and September 22nd, then your books are exploratory, detailed, and you expect perfection from your writing, which means you have many redrafts.

This carries over to your marketing plans, which are efficient, productive, and you analyze every element. You make the most of every opportunity and you’re the master of efficiency.

When it comes to being an author, you’re a workaholic. Your mind does not shut off and everything you do, or come in contact with, can be a possible storyline. You look for the character that no one wants to write, or simply cannot write about. You accept all challenges and put together a plan to make it work.

Some of your best characters are journalists, computer geeks, or anything that has to do with the medical field.

It can be difficult some times to maintain a relationship, family, or friends, because you are so dedicated to your writing career. You look for value in people and sometimes they have to prove their worth to you, or attempt to steal time away from your writing, so try to be understanding with this.

Another problem you could be having is insomnia, because your mind will not shut off. It’s difficult for others to understand what it is like for you to relax. This can cause bad headaches, or even ulcers. Try to go for long walks and bring your spouse or family. Make sure to schedule plenty of time for reading, which will loosen up your mind.

Remember that you are a problem solver, whether that’s for a complicated plot in your books, or a difficult marketing plan. Look at your choices from several different angles and come up with various creative solutions.

And most of all, continue to write stories that benefit your readers, while actually solving problems in their lives…

Ron Knight

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