Author Horoscope: Scorpio

ScorpioIf you’re an author with a birthday between October 23 and November 22nd, then you are intense, courageous, and have a shrilling imagination. You are a seeker of idealism and never write a story without giving it everything that you have.

Your best characters are detectives, or stories that revolve around solving an investigative mystery. Your main characters have terrific gut instincts, ambition, and a strong urge to discover the truth, not to mention very sexy.

The villains in your stories have a quest to achieve control, or rule with selfish motives. And just like your writing, the villains in your stories will do everything possible to achieve success.

You have a need to feel completely engrossed and mesmerized with your writing. You need a challenge, then face that test with forceful imagination. The story is peeled away with many layers of plot twists and fascinating discoveries.

One bad thing that you may want to work on is your determination to succeed as an author may come at the cost of squashing anyone in your way. In fact, you can become down right ruthless and power hungry at times, and competing against other authors could end up at the cost of a great networking opportunity for you.

Also, not everything you do is absolutely compassionate, or without scruples. Again, this goes back to the intense way you approach your author career.

Once in awhile, you help other authors, or take on a more soothing approach to your writing. I’m not saying change everything, but rather use our intensity to benefit all those you come in contact with. Someday, you will be rewarded for those kind acts.

Continue to be courageous with unshakable faith in your writing abilities. Fight through those humbling times in your life and inspire others with your example. Your goal is to become one of the greatest authors on the planet.

Stick with that goal and financial rewards will follow.

Ron Knight

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