Author Horoscope: Sagittarius

SagittariusIf you are an author with a birthday between November 23rd and December 22nd, you are confident, adventurous, and straightforward with your writing. All this makes you the perfect author since you explore what others may avoid.

You love creating new characters that have enthusiasm for traveling and are searching for the true meaning of life. This allows you as a writer to explore humanity at its deepest level and really understand the possibilities of our most hidden mysteries.

Of course, being an author is not easy, but you seem to look at the bright side rather than dwelling what has gone wrong. Once readers get to know you, they will flock in your direction. You just seem to lift the spirits of others through you books and with your general personality.

Your characters fall in love quickly, yet, can fall out of love just as quickly, not wanting to be tied down in a complicated relationship. Your characters value their freedom and it would take a lot for them to accept a marriage proposal.

Also, your characters like to experiment in the romance department and live a carefree life. True love can only be found with someone that accepts them as who they are and does not try to change them.

Your greatest fear is losing the freedom to write stories. This can make it difficult for you to have a relationship. For example, if your partner suggests going away for a long weekend, the first thought you will have is, “But how will I find time to write?”

Another problem is that you can be a little on the blunt side and your honesty can actually get you in trouble sometimes.

The odds of making millions of dollars as an author are slim, but you do not look at the odds. Instead, you look at your abilities as a writer. You already know that you can accomplish your goals, because you cannot envision failing.

You can tackle the most uncomfortable issues in your stories, which makes you an author worth reading over and over again…

Ron Knight

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