Author Horoscope: Libra

LibraIf you are an author born between September 23rd and October 22nd, writing is what brings you harmony and balance in your life. You avoid negativity and actually go out of your way to restore peace.

This means negative Facebook posts turn you off. And on the flip side, all of your posts are uplifting and sometimes even spiritual. Don’t be surprised if others wait on pins and needles for your next post to make them feel better.

Your characters are brilliantly written in a way that the reader can see a multitude of personalities and emotions. Legal and political storylines are best for you, since you are so objective with your writing. However, some of your more influential characters have a background in music, or fashion.

Life without your imagination seems flat. It’s almost as if you form a relationship with your characters and are in great need of their approval. This can skirt the line between reality and fiction, but it’s what you do best.

Pleasing your readers is your most difficult challenge. The same fans that you work so hard to make happy, could once in awhile let you down. Also, your close relationship with your characters may put your brain on overdrive. When this happens, you tend to search for the perfect solution. Just remember, no one is perfect.

Writing is in your blood, so make the most of it and do not attempt to be so objective about every little issue.

You are at your best when writing characters that are a true underdog. The most ideal storylines for you are when sensible ideas do not propel your characters from their sticky situation, but rather it is some outrageous scheme that needs to be accomplished.

On a side note, it is commendable how you decorate the space where you write. Most authors do not go through that kind of effort, but writing is your sanctuary and you intend to make it peaceful.

Ron Knight

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