Author Horoscope: Gemini

GeminiIf you’re an author born between May 22nd and June 21st, your curiosity and probing to life’s questions are what drive you forward. You have the talent to market yourself using social media with more success than most authors.

The research for new plots and characters is what excites you the most. You are an avid reader and study just about any topic or theme. You have excellent communication skills to back your extensive research. Being a natural born salesperson is another gift that helps with your author career.

What benefits you the most is your open-minded approach, whether it’s for your writing, marketing, or even publishing. You consider all options carefully and research to the point that you are an expert in many fields.

You thrive at networking groups, writing conferences, and social gatherings. This makes you a marketing dream to any publisher.

However, you sometimes begin researching one idea for a book, but do not fully complete the research before moving onto the next idea. Or, you will have several items on your plate at the same time, which can end up being unproductive and actually hurt your creativity. Try not to juggle too many tasks and focus only on the most important items each day, rather than trying to do everything at once.

Also, you tend to fall in love with a character, then the next day, fall out of love, or get bored with that character. Make sure to write stories and characters with plenty of versatility and stimulation. That way, your interest will remain steadfast while you finish the book.

Continue researching new story ideas and frequently change your marketing strategy. You are an investigative fanatic, so finding different approaches will be part of your process. But most of all, continue to be social and meet as many people as possible.

Variety is your forte’…

Ron Knight

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