Author Horoscope: Cancer

CancerIf you’re an author born between June 22nd and July 22nd, you are kind, dependable, and sympathetic to others. Your writing reflects your natural instinct of wanting to cuddle your readers and take care of them.

The patience in your writing, along with the concerns you raise, will attract large audiences who will look to you for reassurance and ways to forget their problems. In fact, your readers will view you as a problem solver.

Because of this, you write amazing mother and father characters, and/or main characters that need to take care of someone else. These characters are brilliant and entertaining.

As for marketing and publishing, you take on a lot of responsibility and push towards getting your to-do list finished as quickly as possible. Your marketing plan leaves a lasting impression and earns you the respect that you deserve.

Your intuition for writing stories is usually perfect. It’s probably because you really listen to others and use other people’s information to write engaging plots and characters.

One of your biggest faults is taking negative feedback to heart. You can be sensitive when others disagree with your writing, but remember, it’s only because you put so much effort into pleasing others.

Gaining the approval of readers, publishers, literary agents, and reviewers can be difficult, but you take on that challenge earnestly. This has advantages and disadvantages. Your confidence level can go way up, or way down.

Just remember that your instincts guide your writing career, along with learning from others. You are a terrific listener and a caring person. Use that to your advantage as your author career continues to rise.

Be professional at all times and know that readers need your books…

Ron Knight

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