Author Horoscope: Aries

AriesIf you’re an author born between March 21st and April 19th, you will conquer the challenge of using your gift to write for a living. And wow…I feel sorry for anyone that stands in your way!

You have strength, courage, and confidence in your abilities. You’re not sold on any one path for success and not afraid to speak your mind when someone disrupts your writing. In fact, you have a “Bring it on” attitude and willing to fight for your dreams.

The crazy thing is that writing takes hours a day, but you want to keep moving and do other things like marketing, or research. This means you cannot sit on your rump all day. You want to get out of the house and search for characters and stories.

Ideas are your strength and you want lots of them.

Hardships will come your way, but every setback is your comeback. You move forward with an objective and challenge yourself to never give up. You inspire other authors and they respect your work ethic and passion. In fact, many authors wish they could be more like you.

Your main problem is your temper. You need to take it easy on the Facebook posts when something does not go your way. It’s understandable that you want to knock some people out, but remember authors are in the spotlight and everyone is watching you.

Since you like to keep moving, go for walks or bike rides to burn off that negative energy. It’s the best time for you to gain some ideas, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Your direct honesty is refreshing to some people, but can send others running from you. Remember that your readers enjoy your books because of your directness, but don’t over do it. Become a little more laidback in your writing, speaking, and social media posting.

You are fiery, animated, and plunge forward with amazing fortitude. Surround yourself with energetic people so they can keep up with you.

Ron Knight

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