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MCS 8Depending on what genre and audience you write for, a Book Kit should be sent to people that have the influence to promote and sell your books to others.

For example, let’s say you write for children, middle age students, or teens. You can send a Book Kit to individual teachers, or the principal.

Another example is if you’re a romance author. You could send your Book Kit to single groups around the country. Or if you are a vampire/fantasy author, you can send your Book Kit to vampire groups. If you are an inspirational author, then you can send your Book Kit to a women’s group, or men’s group at a church. You could also send your Book Kit to book clubs or children’s reading groups.

Your Book Kit should have the potential to create hundreds of book sales and include information to benefit your target audience.

Here are some items that you can put inside your Book Kit:

~ Cover Sheet

Talk about the Book Kit in two quick sentences, then list all the items that are included in the Book Kit. Also, include your contact information and short bio.

~ Tip Sheet

This should be a one page sheet with tips to benefit your audience. If you’re sending it to schools, then give reading and writing tips. If you’re sending it to singles groups, then give romance tips. If you’re sending it to vampire groups, then give advice on sucking blood. If you’re sending it to women’s church groups, then give inspirational tips.

The goal is to find some way to help your target audience.

~ Article

Put on your journalist hat and write an article about your story. Keep it entertaining and limit it to one page. Your article doesn’t have to be true. You can write a fictitious piece to entice your audience.

~ Excerpt

Your story should have an amazing start that will hook the reader. Print out the first chapter, or first five pages, whichever is shorter.

~ Topic Discussion

List ten items that a group of students or adults can discuss. The topic discussion should be based on your book, however, do not use detailed character or plot questions. The group should be able to use the discussion sheet without reading your book. Your goal is to give them something to get them talking. If you get them talking, you will get them reading.

~ Test (Optional)

What better way to entice a teacher than to have a book test already available for the students, or a fun test that can be used by a book club or group. Make it ten questions that are based throughout the story.

~ Game/5 Min Play (Optional)

This could be a word search, scramble, coloring page, or even a mini play based on your book. The purpose is to make your story interactive with your target audience.

~ Interview

Write up a one page interview, asking and answering your own questions. The trick is not to make the interview about you. Instead, every question or answer should benefit your target audience.

For example, if your Book Kit will be sent to schools, then you would ask a question like, “How can students benefit from reading mystery books?” If your Book Kit is going to a church, you could ask, “How can a parent inspire their family to always look at the good things in life?”

Do not ask a question like, “What inspired you to start writing?” The Book Kit is for your audience, not for you. Also, the interview should make you look like an expert.

~ Testimonials

This should be a one page sheet with the best testimonials you can muster up.

~ One Sheet (Optional)

This should be a glossy page with your book cover and short synopsis, along with website, social media sites, and anything to make you look good. It could also be a mini-poster of your main characters.

~ Copy of Book (Optional)

I always send one copy of the book to the teacher or group leader for several reasons. The first reason is that it makes this entire Book Kit seem more real and pulls everything together. The second reason is that I’m confident that the teacher or group leader will love the book and will recommend to the students or group to purchase.

~ Contact Info

You can use a business card, or bookmark for this.

~ Order Form

By the time a group leader or teacher is finished looking over the materials of your Book Kit, they should be excited to pass the information onto their group, or students.

Your order form should include a picture of the book (black and white is okay), a quick description of the book, one or two lines on how the book will benefit the reader, then a section to fill out information such as name, school/group, cost for each book, amount of books needed, and date that the books should be ordered by.

The form and money can be returned to you or the publisher. If possible, include an incentive for ordering. For example, 10% of each book sold will be donated to the classroom/group. Or you could order wristbands with the name of your book and give them away as a prize for every book sold. Wristbands should cost you less than 40 cents each.

If you’re marketing eBooks, then provide information on where the target audience can go to purchase.

Place all these items into a nice folder, then a large envelop addressed to the teacher, or head of a group. If your Book Kit benefits a classroom, or group of people, then book sales will follow.

Note: Print items in bulk to save money and keep the cost per Book Kit low. Send only to places where you have the opportunity for at least twenty book sales.

Ron Knight

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