An Author’s Schedule

How can you find the time to be an author? I always believed that if you really wanted to write, it would happen. If you want to read, you will read. If you want to market, you will take the time. If you want to be published, you will do everything it takes to succeed.

 Most author’s have full-time jobs and family obligations. Distractions can hold off talented writers from ever finishing their book. To make it worse, it seems impossible to write several books and do all the other things an author needs to accomplish on a daily basis.

Think about the twenty-four hours a day you have been blessed with. What could you do with that time? Here is an example of how authors with extra responsibilities can still succeed in their craft.

You have twenty-four hours. Use the time wisely:

Workout: Thirty minutes. You want to have a clear head to start your day right and be healthy to enjoy those book royalties.

Breakfast, full-time job, lunch, drive time: Nine hours. If possible, use your time during breakfast and lunch to read.

Emails: Fifteen minutes. Do not spend all your time answering emails or writing them. It’s good to keep in contact with everyone, but don’t overdo it.

Marketing: Fifteen minutes. Social networking is the fastest, most productive way to market yourself. Increase your friends list, network, read the latest blogs, and keep in touch with a few people. Mix up what you do each day. (Farmville is not a marketing tool…FYI.)

Family time: Thirty minutes. This may be picking your kids up from school or just chatting with your family to find out how their day went.

Dinner: One hour. Everyone at the table should discuss at least one great thing that happened today.

Chores: Thirty minutes. Get the laundry in, wash the dishes, and do a quick pickup around the house. (Or, have your spouse and children take care of it.)

Writing: Ninety minutes. One chapter a day and you will have one hundred chapters in just over three months. (If you need one hundred chapters that is.) This can also include research for your book.

Whatever: Two hours. You can watch TV or put in a movie, chat on the phone, catch your Farmville up, hide out and play the Wii, take a long hot bath, or a combination of all.

Reading: Thirty minutes. You should be able to read twenty-five to thirty-five pages a day. If you are reading during your work breaks, breakfast, and lunch, then you can increase that to fifty pages. By doing this, you will be able to read twenty to twenty-five books a year. As your reading speed increases, you can knock out over fifty books a year.

Okay, what have I missed? Oh yeah…SLEEP! Get your eight hours in.

This does not count weekends, days you do not have work, or vacations. Those are good opportunities for more reading, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

Sure, your schedule changes all the time. You may have a doctor’s appointment. (Read in the waiting room.) You go to the movies. (Great time to get ideas for your book.) You have a day at Target. (Look at all the books and learn from other authors.) You attend a church picnic. (Exercise, network, and strengthen spiritually.) Maybe you just want to do nothing all day. (By looking at the above schedule, I think you are entitled.) 

The point is, you do have time to be an author.

Ron Knight
Novelist and Co-Founder of UPAuthors

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  1. I don’t know about you, but a daily schedule so tight just doesn’t work for me. John Jakes wrote until he had 10,000 (that right) publishable words per day. Some write for 2 hours everyday, no matter what. I just write. I’m working on a book, but I practice on my Sports Blog. Check out on how to blog. It’s hard to do, but seems banging on the keys is the only solution to Procrastination. Even though I get few comments from my blog, I’m practicing every day.

  2. Melissa Powley says:

    The important thing is that you are making time every day to write. Keep up the good work, more and more visitors will come to your blog post and they will comment! It just takes persistance.

  3. Hello! I stumbled on this blog while I was searching for a few health and wellness related terms in google earlier today. Since I ended up here I decided why not stay and browse some of your posts… intriguing stuff. I will ensure that I get about again some time within the next month or two.