Advice for Every Author or Want to be Author

Three decisions I made, changed my life as an author.

  • First: I decided to help other authors, even at the expense of my own career.
  • Second: I began writing books for clubs, churches, and schools, in addition to my own novels.
  • Third: I decided to build an audience through networking and supporting others.

I can sum up in one word what I decided to do: Service. This took years of getting past my own needs and focusing on the needs of others. After all, you are an author. Your entire job description is writing for other people.


  • Be responsible with your gift. Every word should benefit your audience.
  • Donate 10% of your royalties to a charity, church, or school.
  • You journey as an author is a continuation of wisdom and service.
  • Remember that most people do not understand the courage it takes to be an author.
  • The patient path is the most productive path.
  • Authors have long-term plans.
  • Show your faith, rather than convince.
  • You cannot control the publishing industry and the decisions they make.
  • You can attract help by offering help.
  • Communicate results through actions.
  • Everyday, do what is most important.
  • Never hurry your dreams.
  • Authors need an entrepreneurial spirit. You have a product that must be well developed. That product must have a market in order for you to stay in business.
  • The publishing world needs money from authors and readers. Your purpose as an author always stays the same: Serving others.
  • At least ten million people have an interest in your book. Find out who they are.
  • How your name is branded is up to you.
  • You can think big, just as long as you work in small, productive steps.
  • Not one single author in the world is your competition. They are paving the road, just as you are for them.
  • Learn the term, “Network.” Then do that often.
  • Take accountability for your work. If it is less than brilliant, then find out what you can do better.
  • Authors make extremely difficult choices on a daily basis.
  • Others will assist in your career, but you need to show the proper motivation.
  • Never forget that you became an author because you love to write.
  • Pray for guidance.
  • Read everyday.

My favorite definition of an author is, “An originator of an idea.” Let me expand on that. Authors are “An originator of ideas, which will benefit others.” 

Ron Knight
Author of Untraditional Publishing

Ron Knight

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