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MovieEvery author wants to see his or her book adapted to a screenplay and eventually made into a movie. However, the chances of that are slim to none especially with the amount of books that are being published these days along with the fact that producers and directors may never know who you are or what you write.

It has been my goal to give EVERY author an opportunity for success rather than just the top 2% of selling authors.

There’s an agency in Los Angeles called MCS that represents screenwriters, producers, and directors. The job of MCS is to locate the best regions in the United States and around world to market and release a new film.

The process is based more on characters and storylines, rather than focusing on a certain target audience. When the analysis is complete, MCS will show the area with the highest percentage of people that will watch a certain film.

That’s when I saw an opportunity to help myself and other authors.

Two reasons why MCS could benefit authors:

~ Based on an author’s characters and storylines, MCS could locate the most opportune cities in the United States and around the world to market books with a community of readers that best fit the author’s book.

~ MCS could refer the author’s book to a certain producer or director that would match their ideas of a terrific film or television series.

I contacted MCS and asked about expanding their agency to represent authors. I then asked how much they were charging screenwriters, producers, and directors for the research analysis. The answer was disheartening…$10,000. I knew there was no way the average author could afford ten grand.

However, I did understand the reason MCS charged so much. It was because of the value MCS had in the film industry. A film production company could not gamble on which areas to market and release a new movie, because if they failed, it would be a disaster.

I didn’t give up. After months of negotiations with MCS, they came up with a different plan that cost $4,000. I still did not believe an author could afford that, so we went back to work.

I remember my poor days as an author, knowing that coming up with a hundred bucks a month for marketing was difficult. I wanted MCS to create several plans that met the needs of authors in different stages.

For example, if the author was having difficulties selling books, then I wanted a plan that was under $50.Movie III

If an author was selling books, but needed a jolt, then a plan for $150 would make sense.

If the author was moving up the ranks and ready to take the next level, then other plans could be introduced that cost more money, but also bring great value to the author.

The one thing that was most important to me was that EVERY author has the opportunity to get their book into the hands of a Hollywood writer, producer, or director. It shouldn’t matter if the author was just starting out or writing books for ten years. Every author should have the same chance.

MCS finally agreed, but with some stipulations. The books had to go through a review process before being sent to L.A. I agreed and the master plan had been completed.

I’m going to assume that you are an author in the early stages, or you’re struggling with book sales. Below are two plans to help you connect with the Hollywood elite and locate the cities in the United States that you could best market your books. These are just some of the ways MCS can help you. If you are farther along with book sales, then other plans are available to take your career to a global level.

Remember that my motives with MCS were selfish in a way. I wanted to use their skills and connections to benefit my career. I then wanted to convince MCS to help any author with his or her career as well. Once again, my motives are a bit selfish. If your book becomes a movie, then I know you will remember the person that sent you in the right direction.

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Monte Carlo Solutions

Author Target Reader Information

Book to Film Adaptation

How can MCS assist authors in finding their target audience while having the opportunity to adapt their book into a movie?

The low monthly membership fee provides the author with the ability to take their career to the next level. It starts with a monthly newsletter designed to give authors the same opportunities as powerhouse authors have in the publishing industry.

MCS will give you suggestions on how to develop, publish, and market a book based on the film industry, along with ideas on creating ancillary products based on the author’s books.

If the author feels their book would make a terrific movie, or television series, the book can be sent in for a film adaptation review. (Only one book per author can be submitted in this stage. Authors that are farther along in their career and using other MCS plans can submit multiple books. Contact MCS for more information.)

Here is the process to have your book reviewed for movie or television adaptation:

Step One: Send your book to UP Authors, (Division of Brand Eleven Eleven) at 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34234 with a short author bio and description of the book. (Remember that you must be signed up for MCS before a book submission can be considered.)

Step Two: The book will be reviewed for writing mechanics, story interest, and marketability.

Step Three: If accepted, the book will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles for review for movie or television production.

Step Four: If approved, the book will be referred to Hollywood writers, producers, and directors that have an interest in the same genre, characters, and storyline.

Step Five: If any Hollywood writers, producers, or directors consider the book for film adaptation, MCS will put them in touch with the author.

All members will receive discount pricing on valuable marketing tools such as cities that the author should market in the United States, viable international countries with the author’s target readers, detailed marketing advice, and comparable film analysis.

The monthly membership fee is only $30 per month.

Movie IIStage One: Target Reader Information

What cities should the author sell their books?

MCS will research five viable cities in the United States for target markets based on the author’s genre, characters, storylines, and target reader. In short, these cities are where the author should do all their marketing. (The same process that MCS uses to assist film producers and directors.)

This will give the author the best chance to succeed with book sales because the author will be marketing in cities that have the highest population of their specific target reader. At the same time the author can use this valuable information when writing query letters for literary agents and publishers.

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Hope this helps you and let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make this even better.

Take Care~

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