A New Breed of Author

The way an author manages his/her career has changed drastically. The author has to be much more than a great writer. Below is a list of what the New Breed of Author must become…


Social Networking


Description: Includes making five posts a day, reaching target audience, networking with those in the publishing industry, building a fan base, and selling books.


~ Facebook Profile

~ Facebook Fan Page

~ Twitter

~ LinkedIn

~ Hootsuite

~ Flicker

~ Tumbler

~ YouTube (Vidoes/Book Trailers)

~ Chat Rooms/Forums




Description: A place for you to connect and sell to your target audience.


~ Update Bio

~ Update Product Page

~ Blogs for target audience at least three times a week

~ Update Testimonials

~ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to the website.

~ Understanding Website Layouts

~ Content Management

~ Keywords

~ Info Graphic

~ Techno Graphics

~ Analytics

~ Design

~ eCommerce


Relationship Building


Description: If done the correct way, relationship building can replace marketing.


~ Blogs/Posts that Benefit Target Audience

~ Meeting the Target Audience Face-to-Face

~ Events

~ Speaking Engagements

~ eNewsletters

~ Networking with those in the publishing industry

~ Thirty-Second Pitches

~ Surveys

~ Branding




Description: There are at least five main forms of publishing. In additional, you must excel in manuscript editing and book cover design.


~ Traditional Publishing: Submit your manuscripts to publishers

~ Self-Publishing: Pay to have your manuscripts published

~ Digital Publishing: Turn your manuscript into a digital book

~ Audio Publishing: Turn your manuscript into an audio book

~ Untraditional Publishing: Using every form of publishing, along with personalized ideas that makes the author unique.

~ Illustrations

~ Book Interior Layouts

~ Book Cover Designs

~ Book Cover Content

~ Uploading to Printer

~ ISBN’s

~ Placing your books on Amazon and other online booksellers




Description: There are several types of research.


~ Book/Story Research

~ Publishing Industry Research (Trends)

~ Target Market Research (Your Readers)

~ Author Career Research (Excelling at everything in this blog)

~ Literary Agents/Publisher Research


Ancillary Products


Description: Your book can be the gateway to selling other products.


~ T-shirt (Clothing Line)

~ Posters

~ Toys/Games

~ Dollar Products

~ Music Sound Track

~ Promotional Items




Description: This includes networking and reaching media to promote you as an author, along with your books.


~ Press Releases

~ Newspaper

~ Magazines

~ Radio

~ Television

~ Guest Blogging

~ Submitting Articles

~ Paper Marketing (Bookmarks, Flyers, Business Cards, etc…)

~ Power Descriptions

~ Photography

~ Ad Campaigns




Description: Hitting the road and meeting your target audience face-to-face.


~ Book Signings

~ Local Events (Example: Farmers Market)

~ Speaking Engagements

~ Workshops

~ Expos

~ Book Clubs

~ Anywhere your target audience seems to be

~ Writing Conferences

~ Presentations


Publishing Laws


Description: The author must stay current with the latest publishing laws.


~ Copyright

~ Sales Tax

~ Book Pre-Order Laws

~ Publishing Contracts (Different Types)

~ Write-Offs/Expenses/Taxes

~ Internet Sales

~ Selling to Children/Tweens/Teens

~ Internet Book Club Laws

~ PayPal (Receiving Money Online)

~ Model Release

~ Linking songs to your videos and book trailers




Description: If you do not have time to read, then you do not have time to be an author.


~ Study Fiction When Reading

~ Study Non-Fiction Methods When Reading

~ Inspirational Books

~ Author Help Guides

~ Study Successful Authors




Description: Besides reading, the best way to excel is to continue writing books.


~ Excel at Storytelling (Voice)

~ Excel at Writing Mechanics

~ Excel at Writing for Target Audience

~ Excel at Writing Styles

~ Try to write at least a chapter a day

~ Finish a book every three to six months

~ Redrafts

~ Editing


In the past, authors focused on traditional careers.

The new breed of author has become self-sufficient and Untraditional…


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