71 Ideas to Sell Books: 51-60

A MCS Blogs 4Listed below are 10 ideas to market, promote, and sell books. You should choose several of these and combine them into your marketing campaign. Remember to stay on a budget of about $50-$75 a month, which is reasonable for any author that wants to succeed.

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51: Be a problem solver in the lives of your target audience. If you write romance, then post tips on having a romantic evening. If you write horror books, then post ways to know if your neighbor is a serial killer. Be creative and benefit your audience. Book sales will follow.

52: Study ways that musicians promote their music. Also study the film industry, businesses with specialty products, and how inspirational speakers get in front of a million people a year. Use bits of ideas from everyone.

53: Schedule speaking engagements with a topic that benefits your target audience. Do not mention selling books. If your speaking engagement is done with passion and helps others, book sales will follow.

54: Write a high school play based on your book series and send to theatre teachers in your targeted areas. If they perform your play, then they will also promote and sell your books, along with other products that you may include like wristbands, posters, and t-shirts.

55: If you use social media or blogs in your marketing plan, make sure everything that you post benefits your target audience in some way. Separate your author a career and personal life.

56: Start a support group, club, or association that fills a need for your target audience. Selling books to that group, club, or association will be the easiest sales you’ve ever made.

57: What’s the hottest local restaurant in each of your targeted areas? What’s the hottest dance clubs? Local bars? Pet shop? Beauty Salons? Roller rinks? Recreation centers? Bowling alleys? It just takes a little bit of research and an email to contact someone with your brilliant ideas. (Offer to split the profits for each book sold.)

58: Write articles and send to the media outlets in your targeted areas. Perhaps your articles will discuss how authors are changing the way readers view books. Or how authors have taken control of the publishing industry. Or ways that people can benefit from books, beyond the obvious. If just one article is published, it will propel your career. Or, you may get an interview.

59: Come up with an awesome game that can be played on a radio station, which is also related to your book. This is how board game companies market their new releases. Make sure to use radio stations that are in your targeted areas.

60: Understand the publishing industry and research why certain books sell. Which books are consistently being read by millions of people over the last 10 years? What do they have in common? How are they being promoted? What patterns can you learn that will increase your book sales today and in the future?

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