71 Ideas to Sell Books: 21-30

A MCS Blogs 5Listed below are 10 ideas to market, promote, and sell books. You should choose several of these and combine them into your marketing campaign. Remember to stay on a budget of about $50-$75 a month, which is reasonable for any author that wants to succeed.

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21: Start a trend based on your book and sell wristbands with a catchy phrase. The wristbands will promote your book and you can make some extra money.

22: Hire a sales rep to sell your books to stores in your targeted areas. Offer a commission to the rep for every book they sell.

23: Ask a student in your target areas to interview you for their school newspaper. This can be for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, or colleges/universities.

24: Team up with non-profit organizations in your targeted areas and use your books as a fundraising tool.

25: Send 1,000 postcards to book stores in specific areas that are filled with your target readers.

26: If you write children’s books or teen novels, donate one book to each school library in your targeted areas. If the children or teens love your books, they will want more. Also, the school may order more books from you, or include you in their book fair.

27: Submit a letter and book to libraries in counties that have your highest percentage of target readers. Ask the libraries to be placed in their catalogues. This will increase the size of your readership.

28: Send 1,000 postcards to niche stores, novelty shops, and local toy stores in your targeted areas.

29: Write testimonials for other authors. Include your name and the book title that you want to promote. Everywhere the author’s book is sold you will be seen.

30: Volunteering your time to schools, church, local non-profits, theatres, sports programs, YMCA, and other organizations will give you rewards that I cannot explain and produce a ton of opportunities. Just trust me that it works.

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