7 Facts About Certain Readers

MCS BLOG 1So many blogs discuss things like, “Knowing your readers,” and “Learn the details about your target audience.” It would be nice if someone just told authors this information…well, here you go.

~ Adults have a vocabulary of about 60,000 words. The most common 4,000 words account for 98% of the conversation. Keep your writing simple and you will reach a larger audience. (Source: Geoffrey Miller)

~ Readers make snap judgments about an author’s trustworthiness, competence, aggressiveness, and likability within 1/10th of a second. First impression at author events and your social media posts are critically important. (Source: Willis and Todorov Study at Princeton University)

~ Women are 70% more proficient than men at remembering details of a scene and objects in a room. If you write detailed descriptions in your books, then stay away from the male market. (Source: Eals and Silverman Study at York University)

~ If you have a book that has a “business theme,” or the main character is a “business leader,” then a terrific place to market your book is San Diego. There are 130,515 business owners, the education rate is 86.6%, and the average income is $63,990. (Source: United States Census)

~ Plays in Germany are three times more likely to have a tragic or unhappy ending than plays in the United States. If your story has a tragic/unhappy ending, then focus on the German population market around the United States. The top two cities are Ottawa, Ohio and Ferdinand, Indiana. (Source: Human Universals by Donald E. Brown and United States Census)

~ Cultures aren’t bonding, they are growing farther apart. This means cities and neighborhoods develop their own culture and become unique. It’s the reason that certain books sell more in specific areas. (Source: Philosopher Alasdair Macintyre)

~ In a London coffee shop, customers rarely shake hands, or hug someone else during a visit. In a Paris coffee shop, a group of customers shake hands and hug 110 times. In a Puerto Rico coffee shop, customers will shake hands and hug 180 times. If you want to be left alone while writing, then go to the London coffee shops. Lol. (Source: University of Florida Research.)

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