52 Week Marketing Plan for Authors

52 Pic 252 Week Marketing Plan for Authors breaks down a week-by-week marketing plan and includes a bonus section, Authors Should Make Their Own Movies!

Here’s what the marketing plan provides for authors:

  • Easy to use templates to find your Ideal Reader and create two powerful 20-word pitches.
  • Template for making the perfect Quiz that will attract only those who are 100% in your Ideal Reader category.
  • Teaching authors the Rule of 100, which becomes the most powerful selling tool any author can have.
  • Ideas for making Tip Sheets that keep your fans engaged and growing your audience.
  • Using a Landing Page to attract more Ideal Readers and increase sales.
  • Hundreds of marketing and sales techniques that are either free or inexpensive to use.

Each week there will be a list of exactly what the author needs to do along with examples and templates to make it easy to accomplish.

Ron Knight has been selling books and helping authors since the early 90’s. Every sales tactic, marketing tool and successful idea Knight has ever used is now broken down into this 52 week marketing plan.

The bonus section of how authors can make their own movies instead of waiting for others has now changed the game!

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