30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part VI

A rut will disturb your peace of mind. It can also eat away at your dreams, which will eventually tear apart your health. You need to fight your way out of the rut. Here are more ideas on how to do that. 

Get rid of bad habits.

The ingredient for any rut is to have daily bad habits. A rut enjoys when you consistently do things wrong. You end up being satisfied with mediocrity, rather than propelling yourself to a successful future.

You understand the difference between right and wrong. Decide right now to stop doing the wrong. Inject something productive in its place. For example, if you are watching television four hours a night, decide to read for two hours and watch TV for two hours.

Also, you need to improve something about yourself each day. It doesn’t matter what, just keep improving. Expect more out of yourself. Decide that you will not be average and take steps to move forward effectively.

Get rid of the garbage.

The garbage in your head will not help you get out of a rut. Each day you need throw away the garbage so you can focus on your goals as an author. For example, if you wake up in the morning and think, “This is going to be a tough day.” What choice have you given yourself to have a great day? You already decided it is going to be tough.

Throw away those negative thoughts. They are slowing you down and preventing your dreams from coming true. What if I told you that you are going to have the best year of your life. Would you believe me? If not, then what the heck are you focusing on?

Blame yourself.

Everything you did caused you to be where you are right now. That includes every choice and every decision. The good news is that everything that you will do, dictates your future. There is nothing wrong with you becoming a career author. Just remember that the decisions you make are directly related to how you will be a career author. Make sure your commitment to being an author is as potent as your imagination.

This rut will pass.

It may not seem like it, but the world will keep moving. The bad rut that you are in will fade to just a memory that you should discard as quickly as possible.

If you made a mistake or a wrong decision, it’s like accidentally shooting yourself in the foot. It will be painful, but the foot will heal and the pain will go away. Conversely, if you dwell on your mistakes, it’s like shooting yourself on purpose. (Metaphorically of course.) You cannot think, function, or improve by dwelling on what you did wrong. And if you do, the world is still going to move forward, so you might as well move forward yourself.

You were not given a gift so that you can spend your days suffering.

Put yourself in the position to succeed.

Instead of hoping to succeed, decide that you are going to succeed. Everything that you have read in the UP Authors blog is to put you in the position to be a successful author. We are not going to hold your hand, so you better get used to doing things on your own. Use our encouragement and tips, so that you limit your mistakes and move forward productively.

I don’t want you moving a hundred miles an hour while stuck in the mud. Instead, I want you moving down a clear path of wisdom and success. I want you to write novels so entertaining that not one single person on this planet will have a basis to reject you.

Remember who you are.

You made a decision to have a career as an author. In your mind, there should be no other possible outcome.

Ron Knight 

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