30 Ways to Get Out of the Author Rut: Part V

Anytime you are in a rut, you are saying that you want to make a change. Perhaps, you even want to raise your standards. You know how to be an author, but if you are in a rut, then you are simply not doing what you already know.

Here are some more terrific ways to get out of a rut.


When you are a fulltime author, you are spending eight hours a day on your butt. Right now, decide that you want to be around in the future to collect your large royalty checks. Start a healthy eating style and exercise plan.

Simply walking around the block at a fast pace is a great way to jolt you out of that rut. It will also clear the cobwebs so you can think about your writing and marketing ideas. Exercising twenty minutes a day will change your life for the better and build your confidence.

I think every author should invest in a Wii Fit Plus and a Just Dance game.

Another great thing is to stretch throughout the day. Just a couple of minutes each hour will keep those ruts away from you.


Ideas come from reading. If you are in a rut, then read your way out of that rut. All great writers have read other great writers. For that matter, all great writers have read other bad writers.

Reading will train your mind to think like an author. It will motivate you to keep going. The more books you read, the more you will learn. The more you learn, the better writer you will become.

More importantly, reading will distract your mind, so you do not stay in that rut.


It may seem obvious, but you can write your way out of a rut. I wrote one of my best novels while in a rut. I just sat down and started writing, with no idea about characters, setting, or even the plot. You are a professional author. Write another book.

And when you are finished with that one, write another.


You are in a rut because your success as an author is limited. Ask yourself this question, “What is my purpose in this world?” If you were born to be an author, then only you…can stop you. (Did you get that? Read again as needed.)

Here are few marketing ideas. Doing any of these will help you out of the rut:

  • Attend networking meetings.
  • Send free copies of your book to reviewers.
  • Go to an event held by another author. Introduce yourself and give him/her your support. Remember that the author’s agent or publisher is probably close by.
  • Write a blog that looks like a news story about your characters.
  • Write an article and submit it to fifty newspapers and magazines.
  • Make a wish list of writing conferences that you would like to attend. Pick your favorite and setup a budget so you can attend next year.
  • Do a free seminar at the library.
  • Go to Oriental Express and pick some free items that you give away at your next event.
  • Pick five authors on Facebook and send them a positive and uplifting message.
  • Stick a bookmark in your next utility bill. (Just to amuse yourself.)
  • Have a list of all your family and friends birthdays. Send them a card with a couple bookmarks.
  • Ask a student to interview you for the school newspaper.
  • If a solicitor calls you, tell them that you will listen to everything they have to say, if they will first listen to your thirty-second pitch about your book.
  • Pay a high school kid twenty bucks to hand out a thousand bookmarks at the beach or mall.

The point is, doing something is better than doing nothing.


I always felt the secret to writing a great novel was based on the amount of research an author did. The more the author can reference, the more ideas they have to use. While researching, the author will discover ideas that they were not thinking of at the time.

The one thing you have absolutely one hundred percent control over is how you feel and what you will decide next. Do not allow the world to influence your decisions.

Ron Knight 

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