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10 Bookstores for Self-Published Authors

There’s been a high demand for self-published authors to get into bookstores. Here’s a list to get you started. Barnes & Noble Stores Summary: Let’s start with the longshot. There’s over 100,000 submissions each year, but if you follow their guidelines, it’s worth the chance. Website: Watermark Books Summary: According to the owner, Sarah … [Read more...]

A Book Sale Plan Worth Millions

A publicist for James Patterson said, “A lot of authors are just grateful to be published. Not Jim. His attitude was that we were in business together and he wanted us both to succeed, but it was not going to be fun and games.” Patterson became successful because he treated his book like a product and he wasn’t going to wait around for the publisher to get him noticed. Keys to Success Based on the James Patterson approach, here are some … [Read more...]


Every year I do a top 100 list of authors that I’ve noticed on Facebook. The list included authors that did something to catch my attention and the author always seemed to be promoting in a way to benefit readers and help other authors. Instead of doing this once a year, I decided to do this once a month! However, I’m not going to list 100 authors. Instead, I’m going to do 9 authors a month. (Why 9? I have my reasons.) Remember that I have … [Read more...]