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Knowledge = Fans

Your knowledge is what will attract readers. (1) Benefit your readers, (2) be available to your readers, (3) entertain your readers, (4) plant images into your reader’s subconscious, (5) be the most knowledgeable person in your reader’s life. (1) Benefit your readers. I’ll say this a hundred times until every author believes these words, “Write books that fill a need in the life of your target audience.” If you benefit a reader, they will … [Read more...]

Author: One Year Marketing Plan: Month 2

This is month 2 of your marketing plan. If you missed the previous month, please click on then link, read the month 1 plan, and then return here. Included in the marketing plan are two agencies that I recommend. They are MCS, a talent agency in L.A., and Brand Eleven Eleven, a marketing/branding agency in Sarasota, Florida. Both agencies are author friendly and reasonably priced. For more … [Read more...]

Author Marketing Plan: Month 1

Need a marketing plan? How about a plan that you can use over the next year that will keep you on a tight budget, build book sales and a larger fan base? This marketing plan is based on authors that have at least one book published either traditionally or self-published. Also, this plan is for authors that want to have a career writing books. By the end of this marketing plan you will have: ~ 60 cities that have the largest population of … [Read more...]

New Plan for Authors

The word new can be scary to most people when it comes to doing things a different way. If I told you that there’s new way to market your books that no one else in the world is doing right now, then you may believe the idea is raw, untested, unproven. However, if I told you that the new marketing plan has been used since the 90’s for producers, directors, and screenwriters, while musicians and concert promoters are beginning to use this as … [Read more...]

Author Book Kit

Depending on what genre and audience you write for, a Book Kit should be sent to people that have the influence to promote and sell your books to others. For example, let’s say you write for children, middle age students, or teens. You can send a Book Kit to individual teachers, or the principal. Another example is if you’re a romance author. You could send your Book Kit to single groups around the country. Or if you are a vampire/fantasy … [Read more...]