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Unmatched Writing Ideas

If you come up with an idea for a book, I guarantee someone else in the world has come up with the same idea. If you come up with two ideas and combine those to write a story, that would be a little more distinctive. But if you come up with five ideas and merge them into a story, you would have something unique. Magazines have a great wealth of information. Not only can you find some wonderful ideas for your story, but also you can collect … [Read more...]

Unique Writing & Marketing Ideas For Authors

Untraditional Publishing ™ is for authors that think beyond traditional and self-publishing. Here is an idea with variations added to assist you in writing and marketing books using Untraditional methods. Combining books and music is becoming more popular and I believe will be linked together in the next few years. James Patterson released a soundtrack for one of his books. Jeffery Deaver used a singer as a character, then created music videos … [Read more...]