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New Kind of Publisher for Young Readers

Welcome to UP-Teen Publishing! We are different from any other publisher in the world and more advanced in several areas. I think if you meet some of our staff, you will see why UP-Teen Publishing is so unique.  Submissions Manager: Jessica Filman, Junior at Millington High School.  Submission Review Team: Children’s Books  Devin (3rd Grade) Rashel (3rd Grade) Jesscia (4th Grade) Dylan, Group Leader (5th Grade)  Submission … [Read more...]

Improving Your Writing Style

An anonymous author wrote this line in the book, Primary Colors, “Read for craft, not for joy.” Of course, authors read because of their love for books. However, reading is part of an author’s job. You should do more than just enjoy reading a novel; the author should study the novel as well.  The quickest way to develop and improve your writing style is by reading successful authors. Below, I will give you an example of how fast your writing … [Read more...]