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UP Authors Contest Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 8th, 2011  UP Authors Announce Contest Winners!  UP Authors is an author advisory program, founded by Brand Eleven Eleven, a marketing and branding agency that creates economical priced marketing opportunities, inexpensive web presence with search engine optimization, social media network development, and a variety of resources that will assist the career of authors and those in the publishing … [Read more...]

Intensify Your Manuscript

Is it possible to intensify your manuscript without changing a word, or rearranging just a few words? Sure it is. Your content is significant to the entertainment of the novel. The arrangement of that content becomes the intensity level for your reader.  Make these changes so that your reader will have a hard time putting your novel down:  Short Chapters Intensify a Novel Instead of your chapters being ten pages long, make them five. Or … [Read more...]

Best Title, Clara Brown Interview

UP and coming author Clara Brown won BEST TITE in the UP Authors Contest with, Blood Sport and Black Stilettos.  UP: Where did you get the idea for your title?  Clara: Since I’ve decided to write a novel centered on beauty pageants, I wanted to focus on their competitive nature. I felt the words Blood Sport truly captured the idea I was looking for. I brought Black Stilettos into the title because I wanted something more unique and … [Read more...]